audio and e book opportunties

I joined a Christian Writers’ Accumulation a few weeks ago,
and the email exchanges of those members is certainly
exhilarating. Browsing and skimming them last after aphotic I
came to one where a writer who has eyes agitation and
can’t peruse regular print books challenged the others
to produce added e-books.

E-books are peruse on the computer, and the greatest
affair about them, as I’ve discovered myself, is that
one can enlarge the content so it is easier to peruse. For
those who acquisition even that too ambitious, it is possible
to amuse software in your computer which will peruse the
content to you. I’m not sure how digital it sounds, but
I accept in abounding places that software is chargeless to any
who are legally defined as blind.

What shocked me about the exchange was that a figure
of writers had admitted a prejudice against e-books when
this other member aboriginal asked who all offered their
books in this anatomy. The mindset still seems to be, a
book is not really published until it comes out in
paperback or hardcover.

I confess I’ve learned too, that fiction doesn’t sell
as an ebook yet, though all kinds of marketing manuals
and self-advice books accomplish.

Fortunately, when this writer explained herself, the
others rallied around with offers to advice out. One
said she’d gladly action her books to be peruse on tape
if anyone could be activate to accomplish it. Another urged that
we all accede producing our books in digital at the
selfsame age as in print.

Thinking about all this today, I suddenly beam wide
accessible doors of befalling for ministry and maybe a

Here in Canada, I accept the Canadian State
Institute for the Blind (CNIB) is on the lookout for
volunteers to peruse books on tape. They accept a lending
library by mail. The US has agnate organizations.

All you would charge is a acceptable ablaze articulation for reading
without stammering or hesitation, and with a lively,
instead of monotone articulation. It wouldn’t matter if you
sat in a wheelchair, or had no statement of arms and legs.

The selfsame reading could be put on tape or CD. Besides
the audio, the CD might accept a graphics or flash
movie version as able-bodied.

If you apperceive, or could apprentice some interlacing architecture skills,
you could volunteer or accomplish baby paying arrangements
with assorted authors to turn their books into e-books.
If they accept a website they might be blessed to pament you
a baby commission on each downloadable copy sold
alongside of their print book.

If they don’t accept a website – guess what – you accept
the skill, so action to body that author a child’s play one
or two page website to sell her books. All it needs
to be is a terrific sales letter with ordering links
at the bottom. You’d anticipate the writer could inscription up
that able sales letter, adapted? You’d aloof copy
and adhesive it into the interlacing page.

Should it happen that you accept added advanced skills,
or they abound on you, why not set up a library, or
bookstore of ebooks? Marketplace it specifically to those
who charge the statement of being able to peruse a book on
their computer.

Hey-hey, before too continued even those with 20-20 eyes
will come snooping around, praising the advantages of
digital books. You’ll be a trend-setter.

The entire publishing apple is according to it’s aloof had an
earthquake, and the after-shocks haven’t all hit yet.
The dust hasn’t settled on all the changes coming.
Be a Mover and a Shaker.

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Originall posted November 11, 2012