home theater audio setup

Your at ease theater audio setup will depend on the space available to you, what affectionate of signal your receiver can act, and the figure of speakers you accept. With proper setup, it doesn’t matter if you accept a child’s play stereo audio setup or a circuitous multi-speaker setup. Proper at ease theater audio setup will accord you the most enjoyable acquaintance.

The aboriginal step to proper at ease theater audio setup is if you accept a tile, hardwood, or any other non-carpeted floor, to put down an area rug. Adamantine floors may attending ok but they act on acoustics poorly.

The second step in at ease theater audio setup is to abode your speakers. For a stereo setup, placement is child’s play – one on either side of the viewing area. For Dolby Digital 5.1 or Surround EX, however, you must booty extra considerations into apperception. Your center speaker should either be on top or below your affectation and facing your primary viewing position. The left and adapted front speakers should be on either side of the screen, preferably at ear akin, at about a 45 degree angle from the center of the viewing position.

If the seating is meant for added than one person, all three of the front speakers should be placed in a straight line. Surround speakers should be placed slightly to the rear of and alongside the seating, a few feet above head akin when sitting. If the surround speakers must be placed behind the seating, experiment with pointing the speakers at an angle so that the sound coming from them seems to ‘surround’ the viewer. If you accept a subwoofer, abode it wherever is most convenient, as it’s placement is not critical to sound reproduction.

When you are using Dolby Digital 5.1 or Surround EX, it is all-big to abide your at ease theater audio setup by configuring your receiver. Unless you accept tower speakers, all main speakers should be set to ‘baby’. Low frequency effects and bass should be set to subwoofer if you accept one. DSP modes should be turned off. Peruse the user handbook to acquisition out how to chicken feed these settings and to twin check any adapted requirements you receiver might accept.

With proper at ease theater audio setup, you can accept a truly enveloping aural acquaintance.

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Originall posted March 31, 2012