how to increase your sales with audio

Audio increases your sales. Point blank. Period.

Recent studies claim that audio can access your sales up to 300%. Independent studies by Terry Telford, from The Bag Able, accept shown sales increases of 163% on one website and 79% on another. Both tests were amble over a 3 week period.

Regardless of your expectations for adding audio to your website, it won’t aching your response percentage for whatever you are selling or giving away. In most cases it will access it.

One possible astuteness for the access in visitor response is the human agency. We’re social animals and according to to interact with each other on a personal basis. Audio on your website is agnate to picking up the telephone and talking to the person “alive.”

There’s something about hearing another human’s articulation that instils a certain akin of assurance, even if it is a actual baby amount. It brings us that one babyish step closer to each other.

The abutting catechism in your apperception should be, “How accomplish I amuse audio on my website?”

You’ve got several choices; the majority are covered in The Definitive Audio Report. You can download the report for chargeless from

Actual briefly, audio comes in two flavours. You’ve got the vanilla download or streaming strawberry.

The download version is actual child’s play to configure. You upload your MP3 file onto your website and point a URL at it, according to

When you click on the link, it automatically opens the audio player on your computer and you hear the disc.

The alternative to downloadable audio, is streaming. Streaming is advantageous if you appetite your visitors to listen to your audio without the adeptness or charge to download it.

Setting up streaming audio is a bit added circuitous than the download version, but offers your audio a added secure environment since visitors can’t download it.

To set up streaming audio, you charge an MP3 file and software that can adumbrate the actual location of your file. The software again needs to actualize Flash buttons for you so your visitors can push a button to listen to the audio.

The simplest software I’ve used to stream audio is Sonic Memo, from Jay Jennings. It takes all of 5 minutes to set up the software and then you can actualize unlimited streams on your website in 30 seconds flat.

You can amuse added advice about Sonic Memo from the info sheet at

Whether you choose the download or streaming choice to add audio to your website, the bottom line is the selfsame. You add a touch of humanity to an otherwise algid computer screen and you access your response rates. It’s worth a listen.

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