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POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta, B.C, November 16th 2004 – (NGS), a global investor portal for the accustomed gas sector, is pleased to host its aboriginal NGS online Investor Forum in audio format this Wednesday. The online forum will aspect speakers from a cross-section of public companies in the accustomed gas sector as able-bodied as the principal oil and gas analyst from Peters and Company of Calgary, Alberta, and the head of research from C. K. Cooper & Company of Irvine, California. The format will be an audio presentation and an accompanying PowerPoint. Absorbed Investors can accretion perspective from industry participants and experts. Public companies participating currently accommodate: Petrol Oil and Gas, Inc. (OTCBB: POIG), Silver Star Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: SVSE), Stealth Ventures Ltd. (TSX:V: SLV) and Syntroleum Corporation (NASDAQ: SYNM).

NGS is pleased to greet Resource Apple Magazine as a sponsor of this week’s Forum. Resource Apple covers the mining, renewable energy, and oil and gas sectors, and features abounding educational articles for investors, some of which will soon be featured on, as the two companies accept recently fabricated a content-sharing arrangement. NGS will be featured on the upcoming episode of Resource Apple’s internet radio appearance at

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Public Companies that would according to to ad hoc or participate please contact NGS.

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Companies participating in the Forum Accommodate:

Petrol Oil and Gas, Inc. (OTCBB: POIG) is developing Coal Bed Methane and oil properties in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. Petrol leased approximately 175,000 acres located in, Kansas and nearby Missouri. Recently, the Company acquired a property with 71 CBM wells in Southeast Kansas producing about 3,000 Mcf per day. The advanced property has the abeyant for another 100 drillable sites, and the Company plans to advance cash flow generated from this project to fund a sustained drilling program to expand production.

Silver Star Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: SVSE) is committed to the exploration and adding to of oil and accustomed gas reserves throughout western North America. Company management is focused on an acquisition program targeting aerial affection, low risk prospects provided via answer strategic partnerships. The Company has its aboriginal producing gas able-bodied being tied-in to pipeline in California, and accomplished prospects both there and in Alberta.

Stealth Ventures Ltd. (TSX:V: SLV) is a Canadian subordinate oil and gas company with its assistance in Calgary and shares listed for trading on the TSX Adventure exchange under the symbol SLV. Stealth is acquiring and developing prospects for producing accustomed gas from coal with an stress on the application of horizontal drilling technology. Stealth again has minor conventional producing oil and gas assets in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Syntroleum Corporation (NASDAQ: SYNM) is in the bag of monetizing remote and/or stranded accustomed gas. It is the developer, user and licensor of the proprietary Syntroleum® Action for converting accustomed gas (or synthesis gas from coal) into ultra clean liquid fuels according to Diesel and Naphtha – a action generally accepted as gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology. Syntroleum gets involved in oil and gas adding to projects where GTL can be critical to a project’s accomplishment. Syntroleum again licenses their altered air-based GTL technology, which offers attractive solutions to monetize accustomed gas reserves (including flared gas) that are not economic to produce using traditional methods. The air-based technology enables Syntroleum to target gas reserves in the scope of 1-3+ trillion cubic feet which are too baby for LNG projects or apple scale GTL projects.

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The NGS site does not accomplish recommendations, but offers a altered advice portal to investors to analyze statement, articles, and recent research.

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