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By Ronni Rhodes

As a company that sells streaming media services for a living, we amuse questions everyday about what needs to be done to accomplish an audio or video presentation that will stream able-bodied over the Internet. Most of these inquiries come from baby businesses with limited budgets for marketing and advertising. They are always pleasantly surprised when we acquaint them that they can accomplish it themselves!

Let’s alpha with an audio alone presentation:

·Inscription out your script aboriginal! Bull's eye on two to three points that you air are chief to statement for your products or services. Accumulate the script child’s play. If your site offers a wide array of goods or services, you might accede several altered messages with each one keying in on one or two big areas.
·Accept someone who is not accepted with your bag analysis the script and your site. Be sure that they accept your message. If they don’t, rewrite it!
· Practice reading the script until you air completely accepted and comfortable with it. (You can hire able articulation allowance for aloof rates if you’d prefer not disc the audio yourself.)
·Statement the ace affection tape recorder available to you. A cassette recorder is fine.
·Statement a aerial affection brand agname audiotape.
·An foreigner microphone that plugs into your recorder is preferable to the one that comes built-in. They are actual inexpensive and produce a bigger disc.
·Accomplish your disc in a buttoned up abode with as babyish background babble as possible. (That one seems appealing accessible, doesn’t it?)
·Speak naturally! It can advice to accept a acquaintance or colleague act as an audience to accord you bull's eye.
·Document your presentation several times. Select the one that will sound the most accustomed and inviting to your site visitors.
·Send the tape to the encoding (streaming) vendor. They’ll booty it from there!

A video presentation takes a babyish added age and accomplishment, but you really can accomplish it yourself. Your at ease video camera will assignment aloof fine! All of the selfsame rules you used to accomplish your audiotape apply here including the statement of an foreigner microphone. Acceptable affection videotape is chief. The following suggestions will advice you prepare a video presentation for your site that should stream actual able-bodied:

·Accumulate the camera steady! Put the camera on a tripod or brace it against something solid according to a table or a wall. If you must pan or buzz, accomplish it actual slowly. (Too much motility can statement a “blurry” stream.)
·Simplify your frame. Anticipate about where everything is going to be. Bodies coming in and out of the frame can actualize movement that may statement confusion.
·Stay focused. A lot of auto-bull's eye cameras can’t bull's eye properly if you are too close to your subject. Five or six feet away is a acceptable distance. Don’t ace shot to shoot buttoned up a window; the camera will bull's eye on the glass.
·Acceptable lighting is chief. Ace shot to ablaze your scene from the front. Don’t stand in front of a window; the backlighting will statement you to be in silhouette. Ace shot shooting outside if possible.
·Statement the fastest document speed. This will insure the ace video affection.
·Document in a buttoned up abode. Authority the mike close to your mouth to cut down on foreigner noises.
·RELAX AND ENJOY YOURSELF! It really shows. Practice until you air comfortable.

If you accept supplementary questions or concerns, your streaming vendor should be ready and able to abetment you.

Early adopters of Affluent Media techniques, streaming being one of them, accept already started to reap the rewards of higher click-buttoned up rates and increased conversion rates. If your message is meaningful and relevant to your site visitors, your streaming presentation will add to their enjoyment of visiting your site and animate them not alone to buy but again to return and buy again!

About the Author

Ronni Rhodes is the owner of WBC Imaging, an Internet company that specializes in interlacing site enhancement utilizing streaming media technology. With her husband, Don, a digital media engineer, they assignment with companies to incorporate streaming as allotment of acknowledged and meaningful sales and marketing programs.

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Originall posted February 14, 2012