recording teleclasses and online audio a step by step guid

Accomplish you charge to document teleclasses, conference calls or telephone interviews? Acceptable statement � the action aloof got a entire lot easier.

If you�re according to most active bag bodies, you don�t appetite to fiddle around with disc equipment and converting files into MP3 format. All you appetite to accomplish is:

1) easily turn on the disc system on and off

2) amuse the finished disc in an MP3 format so that you and others can listen to it

Here are recommendations of two advanced online services that will accomplish this for you at a actual aloof cost, along with step-by-step instructions on how to statement these services.

Step One: Amuse a Chargeless Bridge Line

Action to and sign up for a chargeless bridge line (this is a fully functional bridge line with your own private PIN figure)

Step Two: Choose Between the Following Two Disc Services

I�ve done a lot of research on this subject and tried out abounding systems. In my acquaintance the ace two services for ease of statement, customer abutment and amount for your dollar are:

1) ($10 per disc – statement if you alone accomplish one or two recordings a month)

2) ($19.95 month for unlimited recordings – statement if you accomplish two or added recordings a month)

Step Three: How To Accomplish It

Using Choice 1 � FreeAudioConferencing

1) you and your caller(s) phone into your bridge line as usual (it has to be a bridge line)

2) when you are ready to activate disc, press *2 on your phone and it will buzz you for a disc file figure. Aloof agname the file whatever you will bethink using your touch-tone phone (archetype: if you punch in 4545, this will be your recorded file figure for this disc).

3) When you would according to the disc to borderline, aloof press *2 again. Disc again ends when you hang up.

4) To amuse the MP3 file, aloof action to the website and click on the link �Download Conference Recordings� at the bottom of the homepage.

5) The company will email you your MP3 file, which you can then click on to listen to. You can again email the file to someone else, upload the file to your website, etc.

Using Choice 2 � AudioAcrobat

1) phone into your bridge line (it can be any bridge)

2) once you accept greeted your participants, you charge to �patch in� the AudioAcrobat disc line. This is not ambitious (if you�re accepted with the �3-Road Calling� aspect from your phone company, it�s basically the selfsame affair). Here are the steps:

– Press the �Flash� button on your phone
– when you hear the dial tone you dial the AudioAcrobat phone figure and enter your PIN
after you accept entered your PIN, you will hear some phone prompts. To alpha the disc press �3� on your phone keypad.
– as soon as you hear the prompt add �Patch this line into your conference call any more� hit the �Flash� button to return to your conference call
– you will hear two audible tones when the disc starts.
– to bar the disc action, simply hit the �Flash� button again or hang up

3) Once you hang up, AudioAcrobat makes your MP3 file which will arise in the �Appearance My Audios� section of your statement. The longer the disc, the longer it will booty to appearance up. A one hour conference call takes about 10 minutes to arise.

Any more that you apperceive a stress-chargeless road to document conference calls, teleclasses and telephone interviews, what are you waiting for? Acceptable luck and adore!
About the author:

Barbra Sundquist, MPA, IAC-CC is a Certified Mentor Coach accepted as �the coach who makes things child’s play�. Barbra certainly loves captivating circuitous advice and manufacture it understandable for learners. To accept added advantageous �how-to� tips for your online bag, action to http://www.BecomeACertifiedCoach.comand sign up for Certified Coach Statement.

Originall posted February 21, 2012