top ten ways to use audio on your site

Top Ten Ways to Statement Audio on your Site

by Jeanette S Cates, PhD
The Technology Tamer

Audio can accommodate an added dimension to your site. It creates a balmy atmosphere where visitors air according to they apperceive you. And it can add to your reputation as an expert. Here are the top ten ways you can alpha using audio on your site.

1. Greet bodies to your site. Toward the top of the page, add your photo or a short statement saying “Listen to a short greet message” then a button to alpha the audio. Accumulate it brief and tightly targeted to the bodies you’ve brought to the site.

2. Accomplish your bio added personal. If you’re using a one-page sales letter site, there’s a section on why they should listen to you and probably a photo. Add a caption to entice them to click. For archetype, “Here’s 3 ways I can advice” with the audio button. This audio doesn’t accept to echo what’s on the page – it can actually accept an anecdote or an archetype to decorate the written material.

3. Accommodate client testimonials. One of the most able techniques for using audio is to buzz your clients to document a short audio testimonial. Ideally you can capture this with a tape recorder at a alive accident or accept them call and document it on the phone. The audio testimonial, combined with a photograph, gives a able picture of who you are and why a newcomer would according to your services or product.

4. Answer questions. If you accept FAQs, accede answering some of them with audio. Sometimes it’s easier and faster to statement for something verbally than to inscription the entire explanation.

5. Action a guarantee. Let them hear the warmness and sincerity in your articulation as you share your guarantee.

6. Accord them a specimen of your presentation. You can document this sitting in your office or statement a clip from a alive performance. Either road, your visitors will be able to hear your style and anatomy a closer bond with you as a presenter.

7. Accommodate the latest advice. Document a weekly amend on statement from your industry, then add it to your site. It gives bodies a astuteness to return to your site and gives you the status of being the most up-to-date expert.

8. Action a mini course using email with audio explanations. Instead of all of the material being written, you can chicken feed the stride and put a lot of advice into a short space by offering some segments via audio. This is especially able if you appetite to share a short meditation or visualization exercise.

9. Authenticate your coaching or consulting techniques by using a short audio clip from a client call.

10. Airing them buttoned up a action. If you accept a anatomy you appetite visitors to all, statement audio to airing them buttoned up the sign up. Bethink to stride your remarks so they can easily all the tasks as you’re talking.

Audio is easier than ever to add to your site. For a complimentary report on How to Add Audio to your Site, send an email to mailto:[email protected]


Dr. Jeanette Cates works with solo entrepreneurs to advice them turn their adeptness into gold. She is a able speaker, consultant, and author of Online Accomplishment Tactics: 101 ways to body your baby bag.

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Originall posted March 18, 2012