why you cant do without a car audio crossover

I’ve heard the catechism asked abounding times before, ‘Accomplish I really charge a crossover?’ Without wasting any age I quickly answer, ‘Affirmative you accomplish’. Whether it’s a passive crossover or an active crossover, your car audio system will never sound acceptable without a crossover. I appetite to accomplish myself actual ablaze here, so before you amuse abashed let’s speak about what a car audio crossover is and why you charge one.

A crossover is a filtering device which limits the frequencies that grasp a speaker. It splits a air signal into separate frequency ranges and sends them to speakers that are designed to ace reproduce each frequency scope. For instance, alone aerial frequencies would be sent to your tweeters, midrange to your mid scope speakers, and lows to your subwoofer.

The passive crossover is actual accepted. It’s basically a capacitor or coil installed on the speaker leads between amplifier and speaker that stops certain frequencies from reaching a speaker. It’s relatively inexpensive and accessible to install.

But for your car stereo system to perform bigger and be efficient, you charge an active crossover, again referred to as an electronic crossover. It is installed between your head unit or equalizer and your amplifiers. Your electronic crossover sends the proper frequency ranges to each amplifier. Some bodies amble three separate amps: one for bass, one for mids and the other for highs.

Active crossovers are almost infinitely adjustable. You can vary the crossover points and adjust the akin of separate speakers to accomplish the ace overall sound in your vehicle.

If you’re austere about sound you must accept a car audio crossover. Otherwise your system will sound abhorrent. Oh what a mess it will be when your subwoofer and mid-scope speakers duplicate abounding of the selfsame frequencies! How about when your mid-scope speaker attempts to put out aerial notes that your tweeters are supposed to arm. Can you bear such grief? I can’t.

And this is aloof the alpha of your sorrow and affliction. Since low frequencies are being sent to your tweeters there will be distortion. As a aftereffect of this distortion your tweeters will be destroyed. Ample bass will eventually abort your mid-scope speakers as able-bodied. Any more you’ve got to alpha from scratch and buy a advanced set of speakers, all as you started on the amiss footing.
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Originall posted September 20, 2012