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In 1929 Henry Dreyfuss founded the architecture firm any more accepted as Henry Dreyfuss Associates (HDA). The firm fabricated an appulse on American action by aiding in the establishment of the fields of industrial architecture and human factors. Abounding of the firms’ designs, such as Ma Bell’s Princess line phone are classics. The firm continues in the tradition of excellence imbued by Henry Dreyfuss.

Ann Arbor, MI July 12, 2004 — Henry Dreyfuss Associates (HDA) has been in the consultant architecture bag since 1929 when Henry Dreyfuss took his eyes into the boardrooms of corporate America. Henry’s eyes changed the road Americans attending at products, sat in them, felt them, held them and manipulated them. Most Industrial Designers apperceive Henry Dreyfuss as one of the founding fathers of the fields of Industrial Architecture and Human Factors. Yet few Americans apperceive of the appulse that this 75-year-aged architecture firm has had on their road of action.

William Crookes, President of HDA, states: “The affluent history of this firm creates an atmosphere of creativity and a legacy of pride. Henry’s absorption in Human Factors created a statement for products that fit the user. Thanks to Henry and HDA, products no longer are human torture devices. Every architecture we actualize has a touch of Henry’s sorcery as we still accept the selfsame statement for the borderline user.”

Bethink hand-crank telephones? No, Henry Dreyfuss didn’t architecture them, but, in 1930, he did architecture the aboriginal handset and rotary style phone, the accepted atramentous shape was a allotment of American households for 12 age. HDA went on to architecture the Trimline (Princess line) phones. Trimline phones were added to the permanent collection of Advanced York’s Metropolitan Museum of Ad hoc Art (MOMA) in 1964. Chances are your office might statement AT&T’s Merlin system, a Henry Dreyfuss Associates architecture.

In 1967, HDA published the aboriginal of a series of Human Factors books and reference tools that remain standards in the industry. Their bull's eye is the measurements of man and woman. The assembly and publishing of this advice transformed the road in which architecture is approached. Today, designers fit the appliance to the man. No longer accomplish we suffer in afflictive seats, grasp for a ascendancy or push a button that is improperly located. HDA had a above appulse in creating this chicken feed.

According to retro? Designed by Dreyfuss in 1939, Westclock “Ample Ben” clock’s basic style is back on the marketplace today. Bethink the round Honeywell thermostat, some are still in statement, designed by HDA. According to John Deere equipment? John Deere has been a HDA client since 1937. Added than likely, you’ve used, sat in, touched, or looked at something that has been designed by HDA. To be in bag for 75 age, you accept to accomplish something adapted and to accomplish it adapted consistently.

In Henry’s age, drawings were done on linen or vellum with pencil or ink, today HDA’s 3-D software tool equipment contains: Alias, ProE, CATIA, ICEM Surf, Unigraphics and Transom Jack. HDA uses IGES as universal translation software and has a FTP site for transfer of ample files. Of course, the 2-D software includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Macromedia, Adeptness Point, Chat, Excel, etc. Pencils, sketchpads, rulers, and acceptable, adamantine, acute anticipation is again an integral allotment of the blend!

HDA has recently moved to Ann Arbor, MI, where the selfsame dedication to excellence that began in 1929 continues. The architecture access, whether industrial, graphic, interface, environmental, or interlacing, carries the selfsame philosophy that Henry Dreyfuss instilled in his firm 75 age ago. As Henry said, “If the point of contact between the product and the bodies becomes a point of friction, then the industrial designer has failed. If, on the other hand, bodies are fabricated safer, added comfortable, added eager to purchase, added efficient, or aloof plain happier, the designer has succeeded.”   

Henry Dreyfuss Associates is a full service consultant architecture firm. The consultancy has served a array of clients in the consumer, medical, telecommunications, aviation, agricultural and industrial product sectors. The proof of HDA’s accomplishment as designers is activate in finished products that equally inscription the issues of appearance, production, human factors, safety, environment, performance and marketplace plans.

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