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Recent Online Investor and Industry Conference Provides Investors and Industry with In-Depth Overview of Trends in Homeland Security Spending and Technology

Answer Areas for Spending and Continued Chat Advance Are Revealed

POINT ROBERTS, Wash.; April 14, 2005 – (HDS), an investor statement portal for the homeland defense and security sector, is pleased to accommodate investors and industry with an overview of the trends in Homeland Security spending and technology as compiled from the in-depth presentations in the second HDS online Homeland Security Investor Conference.

As we access the second anniversary of the formation of the Department of Homeland Security, the agencies created since 9/11 are reaching an workable stage placing them in a position to bigger authorize stability and advance innovation and opportunities within the private sector. With the February release of the Bush Administration’s FY 2006 budget appeal, the availability of private sector funds and areas of government and homeland security bull's eye accept been revealed, providing answer insights into continued chat expenditures, further securing the adding to of the existing government agencies. While there is approximately $50 billion in the President’s budget allocated for Homeland Security at ample, it is big to note that the estimated amount actionable for the private sector, according to Civitas Accumulation, is $9.5 billion representing a 2.8% access from the FY 2005 budget.

The FY 2006 budget appeal is focused on further adding to and increased abutment of several agencies and initiatives originally introduced within the FY 2005 budget, indicative of an industry in transition as it moves from a reactive to a continued chat advance strategy. As Brian Ruttenbur, Equity Research Analyst, Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc. described, “DHS funding in our assessment, will acquaintance able advance in the abutting 5 – 10 age and this is going to be an agency that is going to abound at a faster percentage than any other federal government agency.” Captivating a altered position on the subject was Roger Cressey, President of Acceptable Harbor Consulting, who cautioned, “The budgetary climate in Washington is changing and although the Department of Homeland Security had a ‘plus-up’ in several areas within the proposed FY 06 budget, these are numbers that are not going to abide in the advance design for the coming age. We charge to accumulate in apperception that absent a cogent accident of some sort, you will activate to beam a bit of a decline in the overall budgetary numbers.”

As the budget cycle unfolds, answer areas for spending and continued chat advance are revealed and accommodate Border Security, Identification and Credentialing, Radiation Detection Equipment and Technology, Bioterrorism Defenses and Countermeasures, Explosives Detection and Baggage Screening Systems, Operation Center and Secure Networks, Anti-Missile Technology for Commercial Aviation and Remote Video Surveillance Equipment. On a broader scale, it is anticipated that there will be further consolidation in the M&A arena and continued advance of the IPO marketplace is expected.

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Homeland Security Investor Conference Participating Public Companies:
Aethlon Medical, Inc. (OTCBB: AEMD), BlueBear Network International, Inc. (OTC.PK: BLBR), CryoPort, Inc (OTC.PK: CYRX), CombiMatrix (NASDAQ: CBMX), Electronic Sensor Technology (OTCBB: ESNR), FaceKey(tm) Corporation (OTC.PK: FEKY) , Global Matrechs, Inc. (OTCBB: GMTH), Peddle Protection Systems, Inc. (OTC.PK: HWPR), Constitution Enforcement Associates (OTCBB: LENF), Markland Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: MRKL), OnScreen Technology, Inc. (OTCBB: ONSC), Strategy X, Inc. (OTC.PK: SRGX), Technest Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: THNS)and Universal Detection Technology (OTCBB: UDTT).

Industry Speakers: (added details):

Keynote Speakers:
Roger W. Cressey President of Acceptable Harbor, Mr. Jack Mallon Mallon and Associates, Brian Ruttenbur Equity Research Analyst – Morgan Keegan & Co. Inc, Scott Sacknoff, President , The Spade Defense Index®, Dr. R. Soundararajan President, Hanford Nuclear Services, W. David Stephenson: Homeland Security Consultant, Writer, and Speaker

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The HDS website does not accomplish recommendations, but offers a altered chargeless advice portal to research statement, exclusive articles, interviews, investor conferences and a growing list of participating public companies in the defense sector.

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