the cholesterol myth it could cost you dearly

Affection disease is the figure one killer in the US today. Who is at risk? Able-bodied, accede this: NBC television reported in Feb 10 1997, that the risk of cardiovascular disease starts early in action. In actuality, research at Louisiana State University activate that the risk of affection disease starts early -as early as 5 age aged!
What is the above statement of affection disease? Aerial cholesterol? Able-bodied NOT NECESSARILY. If aerial cholesterol were the above statement of affection disease, the bear and other hybernating animals should accept been extinct ; their cholesterol, at least during the winter, is over 350!
Research assignment by Dr Matthias Rath, a cardiovascular expert and an associate of Dr Linus Pauling, proved that the above statement of affection diseases [affection advance, strokes, clogged arteries] is POOR NUTRITION!
In this groundbreaking assignment, Dr Rath activate that supplementation with a combination of some adapted vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants could prevent, reverse, and correct cardiovascular problems.
Over abounding age of bad off nutrition, lessions advance in the arteries. The body deposits lipoproteins at the damage sites to repair the damage. This constant “tear and repair” results in layers of cholesterol deposited in the arteries, eventually blocking them. And the consequencies as we apperceive, is tragic.
Dr Rath’s research has been comfirmed by other researchers. Dr Passwater’s research in the 70s activate that the risk of strokes and affection attacks is not so much as the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream, as POOR NUTRITION. He again activate that some vitamins actually lift acceptable cholesterol levels.
In addition, epidemiological research has proved that bodies with low blood selenium, are 2-3 times at risk of affection disease than those with adequate selenium levels.
Selenium is actual big, especially to men: about half of their body selenium is in their sperm store.
Selenium lowers the risk of prostate, colon, rectal and lung cancer-Science Statement Jan 4 1997.
Dr Rudolph Riermers of the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, Dr Fred Gey of the University of Berne in Switzerland, activate that bodies with adequate levels of beta carotene, vitamin C and particularly vitamin E are “less likely to acquaintance clinical symptoms of affection disease.” The arteries are prevented from undergoing “oxidative stress” with the advice of these nutrients.
These findings accept been confirmed in Japan, Italy, Finland etc.
These researches confirmed Dr Rath’s findings-that cardiovascular diseases are NOT NECESSARILY caused by blood cholesterol but by POOR NUTRITION.
You would anticipate that this acceptable statement would be shouted from every rooftop. Accomplish’nt bet on it.
Cholesterol lowering drugs are been aggressively marketed. But most cholesterol lowering drugs are carcinogenic! The FDA knew this a continued age ago. Not alone that, cholesterol lowering drugs depletes the body’s CoenzymeQ10 supply.CoQ10 is an big affection nutrient. It’s lowering can actually trigger added affection attacks.
But there is acceptable statement in all of this- the actuality that there are some things we can accomplish to add to our chances of beating the figure one killer in America- with adequate advice and involvement in our own able-bodied being.

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Originall posted February 19, 2012