thirty thousand on a toilet seat

When I aboriginal heard the statement that the Bush administration was going to be closing military bases I was initially gleeful. The prospects of disillusioned Republicans danced in my head. I imagined all the thousands of service men and woman who bought into the Bush bullshit finding out that the guy they anticipation they knew had aloof indefinitely relieved them. I anticipation back to all the comments by all the pinhead conservatives who tried to colouring Kerry as the anti-defense candidate.

He voted against this piece of hardware and this billion dollar gadget that’s guaranteed to annihilate thousands. Oh, the horror!

The horror indeed. I bethink looking at the records of the aphotic lord Cheney when he was a congressman, and Powell and Bush I back in the day when they were championing the “buttoned up dividend” and advocating cuts in the military that were much deeper than what Kerry voted against. I apperceive the hypocrisy and anticipation that any more the predominantly Republican military would acquisition out the rectness.

Then astuteness kicked me in the head. No statement is ever acceptable statement, with Bush loose. Sure they’re saying that we’re going to save $48 billion dollars over 20 age but my catechism is where are they going to spend the chief. After all this “conservative” President is the most spendthrift commander-in-thief this country has ever accepted.

Let me booty a couple of guesses. How about battle-field nuclear weapons, or maybe the fantasy program that continues under the assumption that it’s astute to spend trillions of dollars in the stratosphere for a sci-fi wet air castle accepted as “Star Wars” targeted at stopping Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles?(It’s a air castle as if it ain’t 100% absolute it don’t matter) Or bigger yet, another battle or Republican directed government squander that funnels off profit to private companies at the expense of the taxpayers? After all they are Republicans and this is your almighty dollar we’re talking about.

Another affair struck me as abnormal. Isn’t it strange that there is alone going to be a chief of $48 billion over 20 age when they’re proposing the closing of 180 bases and we spend able-bodied over $400 billion a year on the military? I beggarly where is all the rest of the almighty dollar going. That’s alone $13,333,333.34 dollars per base, per year. We spent $420.7 billion on the military last year not including the expenditures for Iraq and Afghanistan (don’t amuse me started). So where did the rest of the $418.3 billion action?

If I’m doing my math correctly and assuming that the military budget stays at the ad hoc amount over the abutting 20 age that means that we’ll spend able-bodied over $8 trillion protecting this abundant nation (by the road we kicked Baron George’s ass without a standing army or navy and added recently got our asses kicked not once but twice by 3rd apple nations).

$48 billion is according to .6% of the total budget.

Let me add that again:

The budgets for 180 bases for the abutting 20 age equals .6 (YES THAT’S POINT 6) %(PERCENT) of the total military budget.

So my catechism is where is all the rest of the $7,952,000,000,000 (SEVEN TRILLION, NINE-HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO BILLION DOLLARS) going to be spent if it’s not being spent on military bases?

Chew on that but here’s the list of where it’s not going to be spent:

Kulis Air Guard Station

Air Arm Research Lab, Mesa
Allen Auditorium Armed Forces Reserve Center, Tucson

El Dorado Armed Forces Reserve Center
Stone U.S. Army Reserve Center, Pine Bluff

Armed Forces Reserve Center Bell
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Oakland
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, San Bernardino
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, San Diego
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Seaside
Naval Abutment Action Corona
Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, Detachment Concord
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Encino
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Los Angeles
Onizuka Air Arm Station
Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant

Sgt. Libby U.S. Army Reserve Center, Advanced Haven
Submarine Base Advanced London
Turner U.S. Army Reserve Center, Fairfield
U.S. Army Reserve Center Continuation Abutment Ease, Middletown

Kirkwood U.S. Army Reserve Center, Newark

Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Orlando
Navy Reserve Center, St. Petersburg

Fort Gillem
Fort McPherson
Inspector/Instructor, Rome
Naval Air Station Atlanta
Naval Supply Corps School, Athens
U.S. Army Reserve Center, Columbus

Army State Guard Reserve Center, Honokaa

Navy Reserve Center, Pocatello

Armed Forces Reserve Center, Carbondale
Navy Reserve Center, Forest Grassland

Navy Marine Corps Reserve Center, Grissom Air Reserve Base, Bunker Hill
Navy Recruiting District Headquarters, Indianapolis
Navy Reserve Center, Evansville
Newport Chemical Depot
U.S. Army Reserve Center, Lafayette
U.S. Army Reserve Center, Seston

Navy Reserve Center, Cedar Rapids
Navy Reserve Center, Sioux City
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Dubuque

Kansas Army Ammunition Plant

Army State Guard Reserve Center, Paducah
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Lexington
Navy Reserve Center, Lexington
U.S. Army Reserve Center, Louisville
U.S. Army Reserve Center, Maysville

Baton Rouge Army State Guard Reserve Center
Naval Abutment Action, Advanced Orleans
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Baton Rouge
Roberts U.S. Army Reserve Center, Baton Rouge

Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Limestone
Naval Reserve Center, Bangor
Naval Shipyard Portsmouth

Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Patuxent River
Navy Reserve Center, Adelphi
Pfc. Flair U.S. Army Reserve Center, Frederick

Malony U.S. Army Reserve Center
Otis Air Guard Base
Westover U.S. Army Reserve Center, Citopee

Navy Reserve Center Marquette
Parisan U.S. Army Reserve Center, Lansing
Selfridge Army Action
W.K. Kellogg Airport Air Guard Station

Navy Reserve Center Duluth

Mississippi Army Ammunition Plant
Naval Station, Pascagoula
U.S. Army Reserve Center, Vicksburg

Army State Guard Reserve Center, Jefferson Barracks
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Kansas City
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, St. Louis
Marine Corps Abutment Center, Kansas City
Navy Recruiting District Headquarters, Kansas
Navy Reserve Center, Cloak Girardeau

Galt Auditorium U.S. Army Reserve Center, Abundant Falls

Army State Guard Reserve Center, Columbus
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Grand Island
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Kearny
Naval Recruiting District Headquarters, Omaha
Navy Reserve Center, Lincoln

Hawthorne Army Depot

Advanced Hampshire
Doble U.S. Army Reserve Center, Portsmouth
Naval Shipyard Portsmouth

Advanced Sweater
Fort Monmouth
Inspector/Instructor Center, West Trenton
Kilmer U.S. Army Reserve Center, Edison

Advanced Mexico
Cannon Air Arm Base
Jenkins Armed Forces Reserve Center, Albuquerque

Advanced York
Armed Forces Reserve Center, Amityville
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Niagra Falls
Carpenter U.S. Army Reserve Center, Poughkeepsie
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Rome
Navy Recruiting District Headquarters, Buffalo
Navy Reserve Center Glenn Falls
Navy Reserve Center Horsehead
Navy Reserve Center Watertown
Niagra Falls International Airport Air Guard Station

North Carolina
Navy Reserve Center, Asheville
Niven U.S. Army Reserve Center, Albermarle

Army State Guard Reserve Center, Mansfield
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Westerville
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Dayton
Mansfield Lahm Municipal Airport Air Guard Station
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Akron
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Cleveland
Parrott U.S. Army Reserve Center, Kenton
U.S. Army Reserve Center, Whitehall

Armed Forces Reserve Center Broken Arrow
Armed Forces Reserve Center Muskogee
Army State Guard Reserve Center Tishomingo
Krowse U.S. Army Reserve Center, Oklahoma City
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Tulsa
Oklahoma City (95th)

Engineering Field Action Northeast
Kelly Abutment Center
Naval Air Station Willow Grove
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Reading
North Penn U.S. Army Reserve Center, Morristown
Pittsburgh International Airport Air Reserve Station
Serrenti U.S. Army Reserve Center, Scranton
U.S. Army Reserve Center Bloomsburg
U.S. Army Reserve Center Lewisburg
U.S. Army Reserve Center Williamsport
W. Reese U.S. Army Reserve Center/OMS, Chester

Puerto Rico
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Humacao
Lavergne U.S. Army Reserve Center, Bayamon

Rhode Island
Harwood U.S. Army Reserve Center, Providence
USARC Bristol

South Carolina
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Charleston
South Naval Facilities Engineering Command

South Dakota
Ellsworth Air Arm Base

U.S. Army Reserve Area Continuation Abutment Ease, Kingsport

Army State Guard Reserve Center No. 2, Dallas
Army State Guard Reserve Center (Hondo Pass), El Paso
Army State Guard Reserve Center, California Crossing
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Ellington
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Lufkin
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Marshall
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Advanced Braunfels
Brooks City Base
Defense Finance and Accounting Service, San Antonio
Lone Star Army Ammunition Plant
Naval Station, Ingleside
Navy Reserve Center, Lubbock
Navy Reserve Center, Orange
Bittersweet River Army Depot
U.S. Army Reserve Center No. 2, Houston

Deseret Chemical Depot

Fort Monroe

1LT Richard H. Walker U.S. Army Reserve Center
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Everett
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Tacoma
U.S. Army Reserve Center, Fort Lawton
Vancouver Barracks

West Virginia
Prejudice U.S. Army Reserve Center, Huntington
Fairmont U.S. Army Reserve Center
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Moundsville

Gen. Mitchell International Airport ARS
Navy Reserve Center, La Crosse
Navy-Marine Corps Reserve Center, Madison
Olson U.S. Army Reserve Center, Madison
U.S. Army Reserve Center, O’Connell

Army Aviation Abutment Ease, Cheyenne
Army State Guard Reserve Center, Thermopolis

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