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Leasing your airplane to a flight school or other bag CAN be done successfully for PROFIT! Apprentice the chief considerations of a
Leasing your airplane to a flight school or other bag CAN be done successfully for PROFIT! Apprentice the chief considerations of a “achievement-achievement” arrangement before you rent.

1. Am I “O.K.” with the abstraction of other bodies flying my airplane?

Are you really? Regardless of the revenue generated from the leaseback, the arrangement is not acknowledged if you’re constantly worried about who’s flying your airplane and how able-bodied they’re captivating affliction of it. Sure, you charge to be concerned about these things, but if you can’t beam your airplane as a “tool” you charge to reconsider. NOW

2. Accomplish I apperceive what I appetite out of this leaseback?

Decide what you charge to accomplish with the arrangement. Are you looking for a

levy shelter?

road to lessen the cost of flying?

profitable bag?

Alpha with the borderline in apperception and accomplish sure you accumulate your eye on the ball. All other considerations depend on your algid.

3. Accept I done my “due diligence” when choosing a flight school with whom to partner?

How accomplish you apperceive if you’ve fabricated a acceptable choice? A acceptable flight school will accept the adapted figure of airplanes (to ace advance each one), the planes on the line will be able-bodied maintained and clean, and the flight school procedures will be able-bodied defined. Buzz for references, and actuate how the current fleet is cared for. Bethink, you’re not alone choosing a bag, you’re choosing a bag partner!

4. Accept I chosen the adapted aircraft?

Of course, this depends on your algid(Beam Point 2). For maximum revenue, choose a 4 abode IFR airplane. A Skyhawk is probably accepted as the ace renting airplane. You should again accede the age of the aircraft. While an older aircraft may cost less up front, the advantages of the advanced aircraft’s warranty may far outweigh the purchase price. You can appearance a spreadsheet and actualize your own scenarios by clicking:

5. Is my rent agreement properly written to inscription both FAA and IRS issues?

Don’t ace shot to save pennies here! Action to a specialist and accept an agreement pinched up that will protect you and your purchase. In the continued amble, you’ll save!

6. Accomplish I accept a aim for flying my own aircraft?

Bethink, the added your airplane flies, the added almighty dollar you accomplish. And,the added almighty dollar you’re manufacture, the less available your aircraft is for you! Ace shot to strike a balance, timetable able-bodied in advance or set aside times to fly your airplane when the school is closed or bag is slower. Sunday became my “flying” day and the airplane was scheduled out for me each week. Another statement. . . I felt compelled to fly when I had scheduled the airplane and was forced to acquisition advanced and agitative places to fly each week. Click on the link for a few suggestions:

7. Is my aircraft properly insured?

Insurance will cost you added when your airplane is leased so the airplane must fly enough to compensate for the added expense. The insurance company has added risk when abounding altered bodies are flying an airplane and this risk is reflected in the premium. Apprentice added by downloading the FREE TeleClass, “Navigating the Aircraft Insurance Maze” by clicking the link below:

8. Accomplish I accept a realistic expectation for the cleaning and maintaining of my aircraft?

The road the other airplanes on the flight line attending any more is the road yours will attending. Are you “O.K.” with that? If not, don’t expect the flight school to chicken feed their behavior aloof as you inscription something into the rent agreement. It aloof won’t happen! It’s age to attending for an alternative.

9. Accomplish I accept an exit strategy?

Getting out is as big as getting in! Accede your exit any more and accomplish sure you can accomplish your objectives in that age frame. Is your aim to act up, add supplementary aircraft to the flight line, earn enough revenue coming in to accumulate the aircraft indefinitely? Map out your aim and set goals. Sounds according to running a bag. .. doesn’t it?

10. Accomplish I really accept what it takes to be in the aircraft leasing bag?

The biggie! Bethink,this is a bag and should be treated as such. The acknowledged leaseback bag owners pament their aircraft down quickly with the generated revenue and booty their profit at the age of sale. Those who spend the ample summer checks acquisition themselves in agitation. Apprentice added about leasebacks at:

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