vintage war birds and the spruce goose at the evergreen muse

Vintage Battle Birds and the Spruce Gooze – Evergreen Museum
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Aged barns drift by as I drive southwest on Highway 99W from Portland. I am in Oregon’s scenic Willamette Valley, and from Highway 18 I alpha looking for a huge advanced A-framed building nestled in a broad vineyard near McMinnville. Following the signs, I drive up the curving access road until the aerial glass front of the building looms above me. Staring out from behind the windows is the Spruce Goose.

Evergreen International Aviation, based adapted across Highway 18, owns and operates the museum. The current building, completed in 2001, was designed around Howard Hughes’ famous wooden aircraft. Volunteer docents, abounding of them veteran combat fliers, inform me with facts and regale me with stories of the Goose and abounding other famous planes there.

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Originall posted April 25, 2012