17 ways to determine if a beanie baby is counterfeit

You should always buy Ty Beanie Babies from reputable dealers or from sellers who you apperceive how to contact. These dealers and sellers should again accept abounding references and/or feedback from other bodies they accept done bag with.

Most counterfeit Beanie Babies are accessible to spot if you apperceive what to attending for. If you don’t apperceive what to attending for then you will probably accept a adamantine age telling most counterfeit Beanie Babies from authentic Ty Beanie Babies.

Beanie Baby shows are a acceptable abode to check out expensive Beanie Babies. Ace shot to arm them if you can. Amuse to apperceive the air of the cloth and their overall appearance.

Some counterfeits are accomplished reproductions, but regardless of how acceptable the counterfeits attending, they usually accept abounding mistakes. It is never aloof one aberration.

If you are buying expensive Beanie Babies, then you should educate yourself on the counterfeits or at least apperceive where to acquisition the advice when you charge it.

Here are two websites that accept advice on counterfeit Beanie Babies along with photographs of abounding of them:

About Beanies Counterfeit Advice http://www.aboutbeanies.com/fakes/index.html

Ms. Janie’s Beanies Counterfeit Page http://www.msjanie.com/fakes/fake_page.html

Your other choice is to accept the Beanie Baby authenticated which is inexpensive to accomplish. You can amuse your Beanie Babies authenticated at these websites:



Most of the mistakes on the counterfeits can be activate on the tags. Alter to accepted with the altered begetting hang tags and tush tags or apperceive where to attending to acquisition this advice.

You can acquisition advice and photographs of all the altered begetting hang tags Ty has produced here: http://www.aboutbeanies.com/tags.html

Below are 17 ways to actuate if a Beanie Baby is counterfeit:

  1. Abounding of the counterfeits accept spelling errors on the tags, but accumulate in apperception that so accomplish some of the authentic Ty Beanie Babies. So you usually accept to attending for other mistakes beside aloof this.

  2. Check the tag dates and the addresses to accomplish sure they are correct. Abounding of the counterfeits accept the amiss date on the tush tag.

  3. Compare the tags of the suspect Beanie Baby with the tags of another Ty Beanie Baby that you apperceive to be authentic.

  4. Is the type on the tags too ablaze or too aphotic? Is it the adapted typeface?

  5. Compare the tags to an authentic Ty Beanie Baby’s tags and actuate if the tags are smaller or larger than the authentic tags.

  6. Compare the stock color inside the hang tag to another hang tag. Is it too achromatic? Authentic tags accept an off-achromatic color.

  7. Are the color of the hang tags selfsame? Or does the bittersweet and chicken on the hang tag attending muted or too ablaze or too aphotic? The hang tag should be dejected bittersweet and not orange bittersweet.

  8. The chicken star on the hang tag should be a ablaze sunshine chicken, not a mustard color.

  9. Some of the counterfeit Beanie Babies accept a chicken star on their hang tag that accept points that are too “pointy.” The points of authentic hang tag stars are slightly rounded.

  10. Check the gold edge on the hang tag. It should accept a ok clean line and be a ablaze ablaze gold color. It shouldn’t be brassy.

  11. Check the overall size and shape of the Beanie. Some of the counterfeit Ty teddy bears accept ears that are either too baby or too ample or maybe the legs or arms are too short or are shaped strangely.

  12. Is the teddy bear’s head too ample or overstuffed?

  13. Check the eyes to beam if they are too close at buttoned up or too ample or too baby.

  14. Are the eyes a solid color? Some Beanie Baby eyes are a solid color and some are not. Humphrey the camel has solid atramentous eyes but most of the counterfeit Humphrey accept eyes that are two-tone.

  15. Check the cloth and beam if it is rough or if the color is too aphotic or too ablaze.

  16. Does the cloth nap attending adapted? Is the cloth rough, stiff or the amiss color?

  17. Most authentic Beanies accept ok plush cloth that “flows” in all directions and doesn’t amuse “wrinkly.”

One abode you should avoid buying expensive Beanie Babies that are not authenticated, is online auctions according to eBay. Odds are that if you buy enough of these expensive Beanie Babies that are not authenticated, that you will eventually borderline up buying some that are counterfeit.

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