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It’s always a lot of thinking when you charge to choose the agname for your baby. There are abounding acceptable names but this makes the assignment still harder. Some bodies can’t statement for why they’ve named their baby so, but the others acquaint you agitative stories about choosing baby names. I collect these stories and here’s one of my collection.

It is believed there’s something abstruse about naming a baby and that the agname can actuate the approaching of the child. That’s why some parents ace shot to acquisition out the acceptation of the names before choosing one. Generally a baby is named after the abundant person – the Baron or President, Olympic champion or movie star.

In Russia there’s a tradition to agname the aboriginal-born son after his grandfather. This makes the naming action somewhat easier if the family follows this tradition.

Pavel Medvedev, an engineer from St.Petersburg, Russia, and a father of three sons tells this adventure.

“My agname is Pavel. I was named after my grandfather according to our family tradition to call a aboriginal-born son after his grandfather. Any more, my father’s agname is Mikhail and I anticipation I would call my son after him – Mikhail.

“The botheration was that my wife asked me to agname our son after HER father, i.e. my father-in-constitution. Able-bodied, I had to crop (after all it was her who borne our baby, so she deserved to agname him) and we called our son Vitaly – after my father-in-constitution.

“Any more the botheration was that my wife didn’t appetite any added children. For the abutting ten age I tried to persuade her to accept one added baby. When I managed to accomplish so and our second son was born I naturally called him Mikhail – after my father to chase the family tradition.

“Any more, everybody was blessed and satisfied. Neither my wife nor I wanted added children, but suddenly 18 months subsequent the third son was born. Actually, we didn’t aim to accept him but this acute guy appeared notwithstanding! Able-bodied, there’s a fallacy that a nursing woman can’t amuse pregnant. I anticipate abounding couples accomplish the selfsame aberration. At least whenever I beam children of whom one is a year older than the other (according to our second and third sons) I anticipate their parents anticipation that road.

“We did a lot of thinking to agname the third son and then suddenly I said he would be called Fyodor. Neither my wife nor I had relatives or ancestors with this agname and everybody was surprised and atramentous with my abstraction. But I insisted as I was certainly sure that it was the adapted agname for the boy. Subsequent on I activate in the book describing baby names meanings that Fyodor means “accustomed by Absolute being”. Indeed the boy was accustomed by Absolute being. All our relatives subsequent on agreed I had fabricated the adapted choice.

Q – Pavel, you add this son was accustomed by Absolute being. But don’t you anticipate any baby is accustomed by Absolute being?

A – Oh, affirmative, of course. But bodies accept they can aim their family: how abounding children to accept, when to amuse them born, even to choose if it will be a boy or a babe. Fyodor was certainly out of planning. Absolute being decided for us that we would accept him. And something absorbing that I didn’t apperceive the acceptation of the agname when I anticipation he would be called Fyodor. But the acceptation of the agname proved to be aloof to the point.

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Originall posted February 21, 2012