top cookie flavors for baby showers and other parties

Cookies are a actual popular treat at any affair accident and as a snack in general.
There are any more hundreds of altered types of cookies that can be served to your
guests and at parties. In position you are having difficulty choosing which flavors
to serve, here are the five most popular cookie flavors based on our research
1. Chocolate Chip – This should be no surprise but chocolate chip tops the
list by a landslide. Every cookie maker offers chocolate chip cookies, a adorable
combination of batter and chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies were actually invented
in the 1900’s by Ruth Wakefield and accept remain able in popularity since then.
2. Fortune Cookies – Fortune cookies accept again alter to popular at abounding occasions.
A child’s play candied cookie with a message inside that can be customized for any age.
The history of the fortune cookie dates back to the 13th and 14th century, when
secret messages were placed inside of moon cakes to coordinate an uprising against
the Mongols, who were accepted to accept no absorption in lotus adhesive. In the mid 1900’s,
Chinese railroad workers exchanged blessed messages in biscuits instead of cakes
for their moon festivals. The aboriginal automated fortune cookie plant was started
in 1964.
3. Sugar Cookies – Sugar cookies are again popular and embody the child’s play sweetness
that bodies generally anticipate about when they anticipate about cookies. This cookie is
one of the easiest to accomplish and is a abundant treat at baby’s parties.
4. Peanut butter cookie – Peanut butter has alter to a favorite flavor among
chidren and adults as able-bodied. Although statement of peanuts in recipes dates back to
the early 1900’s, it was not until the 1930’s when peanuts became a listed cookie
ingredient. Since then, peanut butter cookies accept enjoyed popularity at bakeries
and cookie shops.
5. Oatmeal cookie – In today’s health conscious society, oatmeal cookies abide
to remain popular. Although they are not entirely healthy, the typically contain
less fat than other cookies and still taste abundant.
Other popular cookies accommodate Oreo cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate
cookies, and Babe Scout cookies, which contain a array of candied cookie flavors.
Whichever cookies you choose to accept at your affair, your guests are sure to
adore this candied adorable treat.
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