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Wake Up Baby Boomers – There’s Still Age

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Over 90% of all retired Americans will be forced to alive on less than $12,000 a year!

Affirmative, I accept to admit it. I am an aging Baby Boomer! Our aboriginal grandchild was born last year. Does it accomplish me air older? Not necessarily. It’s all a matter of outlook and air to action.

O.K. Physically I’m starting to amuse some of the aches and pains that come with the aging action. But mentally I’m still in my mid-twenties. (Sometimes a heck of a lot younger, so my Wife generally tells me!)

The 1960’s covered my mid-teens and mid-twenties. What a abundant era that was in England (where I was born and raised – we accept been living in Canada since 1981.) Would you accept I saying the Rolling Stones in concert before they hit the ample age! They had aloof released their aboriginal document.

Ah affirmative. Action was simpler then. Action was candied. No at ease computers, no cell phones, no Internet. But any more, of course we accept all of these things and booty them for granted. Especially computers and the Internet.

Never before in history has it been possible for so abounding bodies to accept their own at ease bag using these able tools.

This truly is the age of mass communication and advice sharing.

The catechism is, accept us Baby Boomers been left behind in this huge technological wake? Accept we missed the boat?

I accept the answer to this is an emphatic “NO!”

According to I said, growing up in the sixties was abundant. Retirement was a lifetime away. But, my acquaintance, lifetime has a unpleasant habit of passing by all too quickly. Accept me, I apperceive!

So we alive our lives, enjoying each day that comes (or at least trying to), still thinking that retirement is a continued road off. After all, there’s the mortgage to pament; a advanced car would be ok; we could really accomplish with a vacation this year; the galley could accomplish with a makeover. And then it hits you according to a ton of bricks. The milestone of your 60’th birthday is creeping up REALLY accelerated … TOO accelerated.

Studies appearance that over 90% of North Americans will be living at or below the poverty line by the age they grasp retirement age.

Are you faced with the prospect of becoming one of these statistics?

So, you’re probably wondering what I’m trying to amuse at here.

Bethink what I said about having able tools according to computers and the Internet at our disposal? And affirmative, it’s accurate, never before has it been added possible to alpha your own at ease bag. Accomplish a resolution today to attending into starting your own at ease bag. If you accept already started, then congratulations! But you too should resolve to stick at it and chase it buttoned up to accomplishment.

If you don’t apperceive much about computers – apprentice. If you don’t apperceive the aboriginal affair about marketing – apprentice. Building a acknowledged at ease bag all begins with education. Apprentice the skills you charge to gradually body your bag. The Internet is FULL of advice that will advice you. And most of it is chargeless!

Affirmative, it’s adamantine assignment to amuse things going and you will amuse frustrated at times. But it’s again a lot of amusing. Compare this to the action you are doing any more. If you are according to me, then I’m ready to bet there is no comparison!

I aloof realized as I was writing this article that I aimed it at Baby Boomers as I am one myself. However, the selfsame holds accurate for any age accumulation. It’s never too unpunctual or too early to chicken feed direction in action. You aloof accept to accomplish the accommodation to advance your lot and then commit to it.

So the choice is yours. And it should be ablaze. Accomplish you apperceive which path you will chase? Accomplish you apperceive what my abutting act is?


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Originall posted February 28, 2012