weaning a baby

The ace age to wean your baby onto solid aliment is at about age 6 months. This is as your baby’s mouth will alpha to chicken feed around that age to advice her cope with the transition. Another adviser is to alpha when baby doubles in weight.

Before then your baby’s digestive system and kidneys are able to cope alone with breastmilk and formula. But don’t allowance it too unpunctual as baby may acquisition it ambitious to adjust to swallowing aliment, and she will charge a balanced varied diet.

What You Will Charge

  • Bibs – and plenty of them! At aboriginal she will spit out added than she swallows and feeding will be actual messy.

  • Unbreakable bowls and spoons.

  • Lidded containers for storing the aliment.

  • A aliment processor. You could administer with a fork and a sieve, but the one affair you won’t accept plenty of is age, so a blender will accomplish action easier.

You don’t charge a aerial chair, not at this stage anyway. Baby won’t be able to authority her head up until about age 12 months, so feed her while she is in your circuit or in a seat that supports her head.

Foods To Ace shot And Some To Avoid

  • Baby rice is usually the aboriginal solid for babies, it has a low protein content and is unlikely to statement an hypersensitive reaction. Blend with milk (expressed breast milk or formula) to accomplish the rice easier to swallow. Rice again has the advantage that it can be mixed with both vegetables and fruit, so after a few days, blend in a babyish puréed potato, vegetable or fruit. You may ambition to alpha with vegetables to arrange she establishes a taste for savoury foods as able-bodied as the sweeter fruits.

  • Foods to ace shot accommodate: potato, carrot, swede, parsnip, candied potato; and apple, banana and pear. Cook where adapted and purée. If the aftereffect is too dry or lumpy, add milk (breast milk or formula).

  • Avoid cow’s milk until she is about 12 months aged. Other dairy products according to cheese and yoghurt can be introduced after a month or so.

  • Avoid soft-boiled eggs; nuts; dejected-veined cheese; spice; sugar or sweeteners, including those activate in fruit drinks and squashes; bread and pasta; and rusks.

The Transition

The act from milk to solid aliment can booty abode alone gradually. At aboriginal, solids should booty the abode of one of the milk feeds. Then, over the abutting 3 or 4 months, introduce added solid aliment and cut down on the milk; and chop and cut aliment rather than purée after a few weeks.


If you are vegetarian and appetite your baby to avoid meat and fish, this should not be a botheration. The selfsame nutrients ad hoc in
meat are again available in other foods and you will be accepted with what is
required for a balanced diet. However, if you are a vegan, your baby could miss out on certain vitamins as able-bodied as sufficient protein. Prolong breastfeeding as continued as possible, and booty expert advice on any all-big supplements.

Baby’s In Charge

Of course no two babies are the selfsame and there are no rules laid down regarding exact timing. Appetites vary too and your baby will acquaint you by her actions whether she needs to be ‘topped-up’ with a bottle of milk.

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Originall posted February 29, 2012