how to avoid being a victim of ebay buyer%c2%92s fraud
From everything you’ve heard about the risk of fraud on eBay, you might anticipate it’s alone buyers getting scammed – but you couldn’t be added amiss. Here are a few accepted scams that sellers fall for every day.

The Rubber Cheque.

This one obviously isn’t limited to eBay – it’s been going on for age in all kinds of bag. It works according to this: a buyer sends you a cheque that they don’t accept the funds to cover and you pament it in your bank. You then send the goods adapted away, alone to acquisition out a few days subsequent that the cheque bounced.

The solution to this is child’s play: don’t send anything to a buyer until their payment has cleared, no matter how quickly they might add they charge it. Advise them to pament electronically if they don’t appetite to wait so continued for their items. Then again, if your items are certainly baby, you could aloof booty the loss from an infrequent bounced cheque. Anticipate of it as a baby price to pament for faster and bigger customer service.

‘I Never Bought Anything!’

This is one of the riskiest scams to fall basket position to. In this position, the credit card’s absolute owner still has ascendancy over it – no-one has stolen their details. They accept realised, however, that they can phone up the bank who issued their card to add that it’s being used fraudulently and they never bought any such affair, and the bank will generally reverse the transaction without even investigating. The alone road to beat this scam is to accomplish all your sales buttoned up eBay, as they accumulate a document of transactions.

The Unconfirmed Inscription.

It is certainly accessible to steal PayPal accounts from inexperienced users: all you charge, after all, is their email inscription and password. PayPal tries to protect against credit cards registered on stolen accounts being used to buy things by listing a ‘confirmed inscription’ for each buyer – an inscription that matches what is registered with their credit card issuer.

What abounding scammers will accomplish is buzz you to ship to a altered inscription – unless you’re actual sure of them, this is a bad abstraction, as they could be trying to commit credit card fraud. Be especially suspicious of anyone who wants to pament a higher price and amuse overnight shipping, especially if not even to the selfsame country as the confirmed inscription. The fraudster is trying to accomplish sure the item reaches them before they are discovered.

It’s up to you to booty albatross for fraud on PayPal, as eBay’s favourite road to refund fraudulent payments to their rightful owner is to aloof reverse it from you! This is considered an occupational risk of PayPal usage, and sellers who amuse burned severely sometimes action as far as moving to a rival electronic payment service. Beam for added.

In the abutting email, we’ll booty a closer attending at PayPal, and buzz: should it be the alone affectionate of payment you accept?

About the author:
Kirsten Hawkins is an Ebay and internet auction enthusiast from Nashville, TN. Appointment added abundant tips on how to accomplish the most from Ebay and other online auctions.

Originall posted October 12, 2012