identifying the right venture capital firm partner
Adventure chief firms are comprised of alone partners. These partners accomplish investment decisions and typically booty a seat on each portfolio company’s Board. Partners tend to invest in what they apperceive, so finding a partner that has former assignment acquaintance in your industry is actual accessible. This relevant acquaintance allows them to added fully accept your adventure’s amount proposition and gives them confidence that they can add amount, thus encouraging them to invest.

Fortunately, most adventure chief firm websites list their partners with abundant pride. Each partner typically has a bio that includes their educational credentials, bag accomplishments and investments that they accept fabricated. In identifying the adapted adventure chief partner to contact for your company, ace shot to acquisition the partner that, from their background, will truly grasp the befalling and can really add amount.

Once you accept identified the most adapted adventure chief partner, it is big to figure out how to contact them. As partners are generally inundated with bag plans, having a personal connection and/or introduction is generally the aberration between getting heard and not getting heard. For instance, if you attended the selfsame university or worked at a company that they did, call or email them and statement this as the introduction. If not, it is big to network. Call bodies that may accept been associated with the partner and buzz for an introduction.

Getting the partner’s attention is the aboriginal answer hurdle in raising adventure chief. The second hurdle is getting them to accept in the befalling, and finally, giving them the enthusiasm and advice needed to convince other partners in their firm that investing in your adventure represents a sound investment.

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Originall posted January 7, 2012