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For age we’ve suffered under downturn, prompting us to buzz, When will it borderline? My answer is, “It’s alone the alpha.”

Historically, recessions are the aftereffect of aerial absorption rates, pushed up as the aftereffect of loose almighty dollar policies. Recovery comes when citizens activate to spend added wisely, save almighty dollar and pament off their debts, but not this age. Never before accept credit policies been so loose for so continued, and there has been no decrease in consumer debt. It’s still on the rise, but Americans are NOT fundamentally to blame; immoral almighty dollar policy is.

Banks used to accede a protected loan applicant to accept a 36% or less Debt to Income Ratio (debt divided by gross income). This percentage is a age-proven figure indicating the financial health of an alone. Any more, during the worst economy in twenty age and with no signs of recovery, our banks gladly loan to applicants with a 56% Debt to Income. What has changed? Are banks suddenly added acceptable? I don’t anticipate so. One acceptable catechism to buzz is, Why are banks ready to accept the supplementary risk? But the absolute catechism to buzz is, Where is this almighty dollar coming from?

Not one in a thousand Americans knows the accurate attributes of our banking system, so they accept no abstraction that what happened in 1929 is about to happen again. Nor accomplish they apperceive that it was done deliberately then, and is being done deliberately any more.

We accept in this country one of the most corrupt institutions accepted to Man, and I consult to the Federal Reserve. Since it’s inception in 1913, every dollar created has absorption being paid on it as if it were borrowed. This debt cannot be extinguished without destroying the currency itself, and has spawned a nightmare of debt that presently amounts to over $360 Billion in absorption paid per year, accounting for half the personal income levy of the nation. Due to this, America is forced to actualize $7 Billion daily to cover the $1 Billion it pays in absorption daily due to the Federal Reserve System. This is where the public comes in.

Federal Reserve bankers accept to acquisition a road to spend $6 Billion every day while masking the inflation it causes. Throughout the nineties it was done buttoned up absolute estate and the stock marketplace. Any more it is almost exclusively being put into absolute estate. How on Earth could so abounding mortgage companies be offering absorption alone, no almighty dollar down, multi-hundred thousand or million dollar loans with aerial applicant debt ratios?

Here is a hypothetical archetype of what’s going to happen: Your mortgage banker tells you that with a 56% debt ratio, you can afford a $300,000 at ease, no almighty dollar down. You secure the loan at 4%, costing $1432 per month. A few age subsequent, you’re thrown out of assignment for three months. Back payments amount to $4296 plus unpunctual fees, legal fees, etc., and another $5k on cars, credit cards and everything else. Unable to grasp up, you’ll ace shot to refinance, but absorption rates accept moved up to 7%. A $310,000 loan any more costs $2062 per month—added than you can afford, but banks will accept tightened lending policies back to 36% and you no longer qualify for the at ease you own anyway. Accounting for all other debt, you any more qualify for a shocking $360 per month. You are trapped, and the advanced bankruptcy laws they pushed for will never let you airing away.

You owned this at ease in a absolute numbers plot, but any complications—unemployment, pay lessening, absorption percentage access, debt ratio chicken feed, bruised credit adjudjing, depressed at ease values–and you’re cooked. One mishap and every financial measure works against you. Your financial angel has suddenly alter to your greatest enemy. Greet to the Federal Reserve System and their freshly engineered worldwide depression.

If you were to access the housing marketplace fresh, you would acquisition that you alone qualify for a $55k abode any more, along with the marketplace of buyers you were hoping to unload your balloon-abode on. The bank forecloses, auctions it off and you’re personally amenable for the aberration, which could be massive. Bankruptcy is adapted around the corner, and deplorably, you are the alone one who will be held amenable. You will then be a debt slave as the Federal Reserve intends, and pastime over.

My advice is to amuse as financially stable as you can. Mathematically, our bearings is much worse than that of the Abundant Depression. No matter how acceptable these bankers arise, pare down monthly outlays to 36% D/I or less. Set aside three to six months of mortgage payments in position you alter to unemployed. Accomplish sure you can ride out the storm.

We are coming to a point in American society to where it’s either them or us, and mass awareness is the answer to our survival. Most accept the Federal Reserve is a allotment of the government, but it’s aloof a agname. The Fed is a private corporation set up for private accretion, with a aphotic history of stock marketplace crashes, financial panics, political manipulation and after all, mass poverty and hunger riots. Our attack is not advanced: currency ascendancy has switched from public to private hands EIGHT times since our country’s inception, and needs to be reclaimed by the bodies, one last age.

Don’t anticipate you can play helpless and expect our political leaders to protect you from financial calamity; they never accept. You must alter to Morally Armed on your own. Don’t be coaxed into believing the system is optimized for the acceptable of all. The Federal Reserve System is not an equitable institution, and it was never intended to be. They accept if they accept us strung out on debt, we are no threat to them. Let us prove otherwise.

Currency advance is the most big affair facing Americans today. How it plays out will actuate whether you and your children eat or not, whether you accept a abode to alive or even a approaching to attending forward to. The above media will ridicule anyone speaking against the Fed, so to validate history’s greatest ethical dilemma for yourself, aloof google “Jackson bank veto.”

America must bar the Federal Reserve System to regain ascendancy over the economy and our government. For a concise history of apple almighty dollar policy and how it shapes apple events, beam Ethical Armor. Then share this adeptness with your friends. Email this article to everyone in your inscription book and stay tuned for further developments. We’ll chicken feed the system at buttoned up and bring a brighter dawn to Mankind.

About the author:
Ronald E. Springer is the Author/Philosopher of Ethical Armor, the apple’s aboriginal fully-integrated ethical philosophy based on the attributes of Man. Featured on The Mitch Albom Appearance, NBC and FOX Statement radio affiliates, Mr. Springer is available for interviews, speaking engagements, philosophy workshops and seminars. Please contact [email protected] or appointment www.MoralArmor.comfor details.

Originall posted February 6, 2012