multiple clients create your independent business
Would you rather accept one acceptable client paying you five
thousand dollars per month or ten smaller clients paying
you five hundred dollars each per month? Here are two acceptable
reasons for choosing multiple clients over aloof one client.

1. Avoid Dependence on One Client

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you accept alone one
above client and lose them, you accept aught income overnight.

Alive that they are your sole (or main) source of income,
some clients will accomplish some arbitrary, unreasonable demands of
you. They can amuse away with it as they apperceive you are
in a actual bad off bargaining position.

You could again borderline up losing a acceptable client for reasons
beyond your (or even their) ascendancy. Bankruptcy, sale or
bequest of the bag to someone else, or a advanced employer
who has fabricated other arrangements are aloof a few ways you
can lose such a client.

You are much bigger off to accept several clients. If you
lose a client that represents ten percent of your income,
you still accept ninety percent of your income left.

2. Clarify Your Self-Employed Status

Self-employment status has certain levy advantages over
being employed. Although there are other factors to
accede in manufacture this determination, the added clients
you accept, the less likely that you will be classified by
the levy authorities as being an employee.

For archetype, if you accomplish all your assignment for one client at his
office, a acceptable position could be fabricated that you are his employee.
If you assignment for two altered clients at their assistance (or
even your own), a position could be fabricated that you accept two
altered allotment-age jobs.

On the other hand, if you accept a hundred altered clients
you assignment for, it is unlikely that anyone would argue that
you accept one hundred allotment-age jobs.

So, to avoid dependence on any one client and to clarify
your self-employed levy status, choose several clients over
aloof one or two clients. For increased accomplishment and to be
a truly independent bag, access multiple clients.

About the author:

J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc.,
has been helping clients to earn maximum bag profits
for over twenty-five age.

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Originall posted August 12, 2012