two types of business plan executive summaries
Companies seeking chief generally buzz how continued the Executive Summary of their bag aim should be. The answer depends upon the statement of the summary, mainly determining if 1) it precedes the full bag aim, or 2) it will be used as a stand-alone document.

When the Executive Summary precedes the bag aim, its length should be short, typically alone one to two pages and certainly no longer than three pages. This is as the Executive Summary is not meant to acquaint the entire adventure of the bag befalling. Rather, the summary must simply stimulate and actuate the investor to apprentice added about the company in the body of the aim.

The second type of Executive Summary is a stand-alone document. That is, it is accustomed, by itself, to investors for their initial analysis. If absorbed, the investor will then appeal the full bag aim. A stand-alone Executive Summary is generally used to limit the flow of advice. That is, if an investor is not absorbed in the general befalling that your summary presents, you don’t appetite to acknowledge to them intimate details of your aim.

Regardless of which type of Executive Summary you are developing, the summary must included the following critical elements:
1. A concise explanation of the bag
2. A description of the marketplace size and marketplace charge for the bag
3. A discussion of how the company is uniquely able to fulfill this charge

In addition, a stand-alone Executive Summary should accommodate summaries of each chief elements of the bag aim. This includes paragraphs addressing each of the following:

– Customer Analysis: What specific customer segments the company is targeting and their demographic profiles
– Competition: Who the company’s direct competitors are and the company’s answer competitive advantages
– Marketing Aim: How the company will effectively penetrate its target marketplace
– Financial Aim: A summary of the financial projections of the company
– Management Accumulation: Biographies of answer management accumulation and Board members

The Executive Summary is the most critical element of the bag aim. If it does not grab the investor’s attention, the investor will neither peruse nor appeal the full bag aim. As such, spend age developing the ace possible summary, actualize two versions (e.g., stand-alone and full aim predecessor) as adapted, and assignment to amuse it in the hands of the adapted investors.

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Originall posted April 23, 2012