a checklist for bathroom remodeling plans
Careful planning is the answer to a acknowledged bathroom-remodeling project. Before you activate any assignment in the bathroom, actualize a budget, a floor aim, a list of supplies, a timetable, and big legal considerations. Let’s breach it down by subject.

Aboriginal, actualize a budget. Actuate how much almighty dollar you can comfortably spend, and save about 20 percent for emergencies. Amuse estimates for the assignment that needs professionals, and always accommodate electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, and drywall installation costs in your budget.

Second, architecture a floor aim. Buzz yourself, will you be working with the existing space or will you be adding on or knocking down walls? Check to accomplish sure you will not disturb the electrical wiring, plumbing, or zoning regulations. Abutting, measure the amount of space you accept and haul a floor aim. In picture the aim, aboriginal put in all the items that are fixed. For archetype, if the toilet must be in one abode as of plumbing, it is a fixed item. Experiment with how you according to your floor aim, using altered arrangements, with altered types of cabinetry, shelves, or even walls. You might ace shot pocket doors to save space, and corner sinks, floating sinks, or pedestal sinks to save even added space. L-shaped vanities and alcoves again save space. In addition, corner showers conserve space, and ablaze glass in showers creates the illusion of even added space. You may appetite to add windows or mirrors to let in ablaze.

Third, accomplish a list of the supplies you’ll charge and accomplish sure they are available when you charge them. Some typical supplies accommodate sinks, flooring, wall tile, countertops, lighting, medicine cabinets, showers, bath tubs, cabinets and cabinet handles, toilets, extra storage, faucets, toilet paper holders, colouring or wallpaper, chairs, accessories (according to storage containers and/or artwork), as able-bodied as tools you accept or can buy.

Fourth, actualize a timetable. Speak to experts or bodies at at ease improvement stores to aim how much age you’ll charge. If you’re hiring contractors, assignment with them to architecture a timetable you all can chase.

Aim projects according to the age you accept available. Put in a advanced toilet and sink one weekend, for archetype, and colouring another. You don’t accept to accomplish it all at once, so aim sensibly. Don’t colouring the walls or install woodwork until the hardware is taken affliction of — you don’t appetite to damage assignment you’ve already done. Above all, be flexible and acquiesce age for the unexpected or even emergencies to happen.

Fifth, accumulate in apperception legal considerations. Amuse and post a building permit, pament any all-big fees, accomplish sure you, your contractor, and any workers accept insurance coverage, and accumulate children and animals away from the construction area.

By following these checklists, your bathroom remodeling plans will be a snap.

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Originall posted November 30, 2012