attention homeowners replacing your faucets will make a world of difference
(ARA) – A lot of bodies would adulation to accept a advanced galley or bathroom, but once they apprentice about the costs involved, they may amuse discouraged.

Cabinets alone can amble you in excess of $10,000, and that’s not including the cost of installation. Add in fixtures, appliances, electrical assignment, and the according to, and before you apperceive it, you’ve almost spent enough almighty dollar to buy a advanced condo. According to Remodeling Magazine, the average cost of a above galley remodeling action is any more $40,000.

The average cost of turning a worn-out bathroom into a advanced space is about $10,000. That figure includes the cost of replacing the bathtub, toilet, vanity, sink, medicine cabinet, ceramic tile floor and vinyl wallpaper.

“Most bodies don’t accept thousands of dollars lying around to spend on remodeling projects, but that doesn’t beggarly you can’t accomplish some child’s play changes that will accept a ample appulse,” says Keith Kometer, Faucet Marketing Employer at Kohler Co., a global baton of products for the galley and bath.

Instead of replacing toilets and showers, these days, a lot of bodies are picture their kitchens and bathrooms or putting up wallpaper, and accessorizing to amuse a advanced attending. But those are alone a few of the child’s play changes homeowners can accomplish on a tight budget.

“Changing out the faucet can again accomplish a ample visual appulse,” says Kometer. Kohler has aloof rolled out two advanced faucet lines that can be installed in minutes by accomplish-it-yourselfers and won’t breach the bank in terms of cost.

The Forté faucet, for both the bath and galley, features a aerial arch spout that allows for a completely customizable attending with traditional handles or sleek, sculpted handles. Its top-mount installation system, preassembled valves and handles acquiesce for accessible installation with minimal tools, saving age, accomplishment and almighty dollar. The alone tools required to secure it firmly in abode are a screwdriver and wrench.

The added traditional Devonshire architecture again features pre-assembled flexible supply lines, valves and handles. Flexible lines, available on the Forte faucets as able-bodied, are a lot easier to assignment with when installing the faucet than the standard bulky, rigid copper tubing. The Devonshire faucet again requires aloof two tools to install.

“These faucets are for homeowners who don’t appetite to spend top dollar on a remodeling project, but still appetite to actualize a attending that’s dramatic and stylish,” says Kometer. ”You don’t accept to repaint; simply replacing the faucet is all it takes.”

To add a babyish added fashion to the bathroom as a finishing touch, accompanying decorative accessories are available — including towel racks, glass shelves, soap dishes and toilet tissue holders. They come in several finishes that exceed industry durability standards, and boast distinctive color and texture selections, including polished chrome, brushed chrome, brushed nickel and French gold.

For added advice about Kohler products, log onto or call toll-chargeless (800) 4-KOHLER.

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