designer shower curtains
If you are looking for a abrupt and accessible road to accomplish over your bathroom, accede buying a advanced shower curtain. Shower curtains are available in a array of styles, materials, and prices. Shower curtains can be capricious, floral, traditional, or a host of other styles. And, of course, they can be designer.

Abounding of the ample-agname designers accept taken allotment in shower curtain designs. Liz Claiborne, for archetype, offers a Cable Purl shower curtain in Ivory or Aloe. If you decide to accept a Liz Claiborne expert suite or guest room, matching accessories accommodate duvet covers, towels, shams, wastebasket, lotion pump, and added.

Nautica offers a sophisticated shower curtain in classic colors. It is offered with matching sheets, duvet, and bed skirts.

Regent again offers shower curtains. Their embroidered shower curtain is multi-colored and offers abounding matching accessories, including wastebasket, lotion pump, tissue box, towels, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and tumbler.

Eddie Bauer offers a ok selection of shower curtains, including a denim curtain. They again action towels and robes in coordinating colors.

Tommy Hilfiger has again entered the at ease décor arena. Their shower curtains accept a retail price of $90. Hilfiger again offers abounding color-coordinated accessories according to towels, lotion pump, wastebasket, soap dish, and tumbler.

Ralph Lauren, DKNY, and Hotel are a few other able-bodied-accepted designers any more offering bathroom décor.

Abounding fine department stores such as Macy’s, JC Penney, and Foley’s, sell designer shower curtains. Specialty at ease stores, such as Linens N Things and Bed Bath and Beyond again act a selection of shower curtains by able-bodied-accepted designers. While designer shower curtains can be added expensive than their non-agname brand counterparts, you can sometimes acquisition them at a discount. Overstock offers abounding products at abysmal discounts over retail. While their inventory changes regularly, it is worthwhile to appointment their site and accomplish a search.

Whether you pament full price or amuse them at a discount, the attending of your finished bathroom is sure to be priceless.

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Originall posted December 17, 2011