how to clean mini blinds
Mini-blinds are actual convenient and attractive window treatments. They typically accept either vertical or horizontal slats, and are woven either from accustomed or synthetic reeds.

The alone disadvantage they accept is that they cannot be cleaned easily. Cleaning mini blinds doesn’t crave strength – it requires delicate handling. The following instructions should advice clarify how to clean them.

As a aboriginal step, you should vacuum-clean them while the mini blinds are still hanging on your window. This action will advice to remove excess dust. Abutting, you should remove the mini-blinds from the window and booty them either outside or to the bathroom for a wet wash.

For the liquid washing component, you will charge a hose, a clothesline, a bucket and a sponge. Accomplish a compound of one-allotment baptize, to one-allotment ammonia in the bucket. Gently apply the compound on the mini-blinds, front and back. Acquiesce the compound to stand on the blinds for about five minutes, after which you aloof hose them. Rub the mini-blinds with a soft cloth and hang them on the clothesline to dry.

To advice prevent dust buildup, rub down the mini-blinds with an anti-static dryer sheet.

The above instructions are most relevant for cleaning cloth mini blinds. However, on the other hand, if your mini blinds are fabricated of wood, clean them according to you clean any of your wood furniture.

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Originall posted March 22, 2012