it%c2%92s easy to add a new shower in your bath
(ARA) – If you anticipate you’re stuck with your bathroom’s aged, dingy shower or none at all, anticipate again. There are any more modestly priced showering systems and shower doors that are accessible for homeowners to install themselves in less than a day.

“Abounding homeowners are surprised that something that seems as complicated as a shower is actually child’s play and affordable to install,” says Bill Pavilonis, product employer-Sterling brand bathing products for Kohler Co., a galley and bath products company.

For the homeowner who is absorbed in building a shower within an existing bathroom space, or swapping a advanced unit for an aged one, the Sterling Ensemble shower systems are designed to accomplish installation abrupt and accessible for the accomplish-it-yourselfer. The four modular pieces can be transported by aloof one person buttoned up doorways and around corners, and the tongue-and-groove interlocking joints actualize a seamless appearance without the charge for caulk. Installers don’t accept to drill holes or screw bolts into brackets, eliminating the assignment of mounting components to the side or back walls.

“It takes one person less age to install these showers than it would booty multiple bodies to install accepted one-piece modules,” says Pavilonis.

The shower systems are fabricated from an accessible-to-clean, durable Vikrell material and consist of two side walls, a backwall and a lightly pebbled bottom surface designed to advice prevent slipping. There are able structural ribs molded into each shower base to supply supplementary abutment and rigidity. Each unit includes a molded-in shaving area shelf and six corner shelves that action storage for toiletries.

You can again transform an aged shower by simply installing a advanced glass-panel door. Although abounding homeowners accede this to be a cumbersome and frustrating assignment involving cutting, drilling and careful measuring that allows babyish room for error, it doesn’t accept to be complicated.

Sterling has developed a stylish bypass shower door, the Finesse Abrupt Install, that can be installed with aloof an Allen wrench in less than 15 minutes.

“Installing this shower door is as accessible as hanging up a shower curtain, but with a lot added style and durability,” says Matt Klein, product employer-Sterling brand showering products for Kohler, who adds that most homeowners these days accept less age to devote to household projects, and crave products that are abrupt to install. “Most other conventional shower doors could crave to four hours to install,” adds Klein.

The doors, adapted for a bath or shower, accept adjustable frames that can accommodate a wide scope of openings without requiring any cutting or drilling. A compression fit mechanism provides a solid surface, leak-proof seal. Constructed of tempered glass, the doors are durable and accessible to clean.

For added advice on Ensemble shower systems and Finesse Abrupt Install shower doors, call (800) STERLING or appointment

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