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(ARA) – At ease improvement has alter to one of our country’s greatest pastimes. Americans spent an estimated $214 billion on at ease improvements, continuation and repairs in 2001, according to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies research report issued in February 2003. Aloof how and where that almighty dollar is spent can accomplish a ample aberration when it comes to investing in your at ease.

Of all the rooms in your abode, bathrooms act as the greatest and fastest return on your remodeling investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, added than 80 percent of your bathroom remodeling expenses can be recouped within a year of resale. Not every room in the abode offers such a return. Surprisingly, kitchens are sixth on the list with aloof over 60 percent of the costs returned. Alone bathroom additions beat bathroom remodeling with returns over 90 percent.

Despite today’s homeowner remodeling craze, you should weigh the pros and cons of captivating on an entire bathroom project alone. Adeptness — including admitting your strengths and weaknesses — is the answer to successfully completing any project on age and under budget. Buzz yourself the following remodeling questions to arrange you are manufacture the ace decisions for your investment.

Is it a Remodel or Makeover?

“The aboriginal consideration should be the scope of assignment,” says Rick Peters, remodeling expert and author of “MoneySmart Makeovers: Bathrooms.” He asks: “Accomplish you accept your at ease’s plumbing systems, such as where the squander/vent stack is?”

If the remodeling project involves added than cosmetic fixture replacements or surface redecorating, it may be age to call in an expert to assess your at ease’s plumbing and tube placement. Peters suggests the following checklist:

Call a remodeling contractor when:

* Moving a toilet, sink, tub or shower

* Removing or adding walls

* Installing venting that runs buttoned up the roof

All of these projects crave specific skills and adeptness of your local building and plumbing codes.

Ace shot the following makeover projects yourself:

* Replacing a faucet, sink or toilet using existing plumbing

* Installing shower or shower-tub combination doors

* Installing advanced accessories, such as shelves or ablaze fixtures

* Picture, tiling or wallpapering

These projects crave some skill base, but even a aboriginal-age accomplish-it-yourselfer may be able to all them in a aloof timeframe.

What’s the Absolute Deal on What You Appetite?

Tempted by what looks acceptable? Check out the affection. Does that advanced faucet accept rubber washers or plastic valves? A client of mine bought a faucet five age ago with plastic valves and it lasted exactly four and a half age. Cheaper versions of the absolute affair are not repairable and accept to be replaced entirely. This means you are spending twice as much in 10 age as you would once in a lifetime for a bigger faucet.

Attending for affection fixture manufacturers such as American Standard. The company’s Champion Toilet featuring America’s Ace Flushing System, includes a Anguish-Chargeless Decade Warranty that covers the entire toilet inside and out. American Standard’s faucets come with a lifetime warranty on the washerless watertight seal, the function and the finish. Most of its sinks and toilets are fabricated of vitreous china that resists dirt and bacteria. Even the acrylic tubs are fabricated tougher with a fiberglass bonding for extra strength.

Bottom line: “Your bathroom takes a daily beating,” says Peters. “Buy affection.”

Is There a Abundant Cover-up Waiting for You?

A figure of times, I’ve ventured into bathrooms that accept been madeover by covering damaged tiles or walls with acrylic panels. “Sure it looks bigger, but the botheration is still there,” says Peters. “In actuality, panels according to these authority in moisture and mildew that was the botheration in the aboriginal abode, and any more it will amuse worse. Accomplish sure leaks and damage are repaired and not aloof covered up.”

Peters again suggests using a mildew resistant drywall. “Standard drywall can’t stand up to the moisture in the air, even with proper venting,” he notes.

What’s your pament-off in investing age to answer these big questions before you alpha? You’ll borderline up with a acknowledged bathroom remodeling project that adds to the amount and enjoyment of your at ease.

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