staying in tune with the change of season
(ARA) – Any more the summer is winding down, leaves will soon alpha turning color and falling from the trees, signaling the chicken feed of season. We’ll adore brilliant colors for a short age, then there will be no color at all.

“Outside anyway,” says Terri Mattson, an interior designer who works for Fifth Avenue Architecture in Minneapolis, Minn. This age of year, her company is overrun with phone calls from bodies looking for ways to bring color inside.

“Color plays such an big role in our lives,” says Mattson. “It helps boost our spirits and keeps us going buttoned up acceptable times and bad. I’m not sure if it’s related to the economy or something else, but a lot of bodies are coming to us asking for ways to brighten up homes.”

Mattson says the one of the ace places to alpha is in the bathroom. “Earth tones are ample this year. We’ve painted a lot of bathrooms that used to be achromatic either cinnamon, ginger or terra cotta with dejected and bittersweet or blooming and gold accents,” says Mattson. “The transformation is astonishing.”

Picture the walls isn’t the alone amend you can accomplish in the bathroom. Some bodies again chicken feed out fixtures or re-tile. “Both expensive propositions,” says Sue Kelley of Environmental Graphics, a Minnesota based company specializing in decorative products for the at ease. “There’s a much easier, less expensive and less permanent road to amuse a advanced attending.”

Kelley’s company manufactures a relatively advanced at ease decorating tool called Stick ‘n Stile architecture appliqués. They are raised stickers that can be attached to your existing tile in aloof seconds.

To apply, all you accept to accomplish is clean the surface of your tile, remove the liner and press the appliqué into abode. Aloof according to the rest of your tile, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth or mild private cleaner . Removal is aloof as accessible. Simply heat the appliqués with a hair dryer for a few minutes and peel off.

“One of the abundant things about this product is it gives you the adeptness to restyle without replacing your tile,” says Kelley. “They are accessible to assignment with, which makes them absolute for the accomplish-it-yourselfer.”

Stick ‘n Stile architecture appliqués come in six altered designs: Baptize Apple, which features tropical fish; Summertime, featuring dragonflies and flowers; Orchid Narcissus, Botanica, and Fiji Palms, featuring flowers and leaves; and Geo Squares, which transform that geometrical shape into a assignment of art.

Once you accept your advanced colouring on the walls and architecture appliqués on your tile, you can add a babyish added color to the room by spray picture your wall plates and toilet paper holders, and getting accessories to match.

“When the abutting chicken feed of season comes, you can switch out those accessories, and maybe add a basket filled with pinecones to accomplish a added wintry air,” suggests Mattson.

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Originall posted October 18, 2012