vintage magazine ads as wall decorations
Decorating with Vintage Magazine Ads

I accept noticed a trend in decorating that I had no abstraction existed. It seems that abounding bodies are using vintage magazine ads as at ease decorations.

For archetype, if you accept a at ease bar, you may be absorbed in framing some aged Ballantines ale or Jack Daniels ads.

If your aboriginal car was a 1969 Chevelle, you may appetite to frame a vintage Chevrolet ad.

Colorful full page ads seem to spark the most absorption although I accept seen some really classic atramentous and achromatic ads. These ads from days gone by contain some truly classic looks that you aloof don’t beam today.

Added than the classic looks, they accommodate a glimpse into a altered age as able-bodied as how society viewed the apple. For archetype, abounding of the cigarette ads from the 1940’s – 1950’s aspect prominent actors, actresses and sports figures. This is something you would never beam in today’s “PC” apple.

At the other borderline of the spectrum, abounding of these former ads act like American action at at ease. Families eating meals at buttoned up, traveling at buttoned up and able-bodied….aloof plain being at buttoned up.

This trend advance me to alpha collecting and eventually selling these classic ads. Since creating my online store I accept heard some really abundant ideas. The latest was a customer that was going to wallpaper their bathroom with vintage soap and scent ads. Truly artistic!

About the author:
Chuck collects and sells vintage tools and vintage magazine ads. His current items can be activate in his store at the following URL

Originall posted May 9, 2012