where to find unique shower curtains
Once upon a age, shower curtains were functional… and they were arid. Not today. Shower curtains are any more decorative as able-bodied as advantageous. They can be bold and active or child’s play and understated. A babyish looking can turn up some truly altered designs.

There are abounding options for those looking for something beyond the child’s play floral prints, stripes, polka dots, and solids. Bed Bath & Beyond, for archetype, offers a Action Magazine shower curtain. This altered architecture features reproductions of classic Action magazine photographs, and costs approximately $30.

Gallery Street offers truly altered shower curtains. For $135, the company will reproduce any photograph onto a cloth shower curtain. You can statement photos of your family, vacation, pets, or anything else you admiration — speak about a one-of-a-affectionate shower curtain. You can again abode favorite sayings, children’s artwork, or personal drawings on the curtain. If you prefer, the company again offers a selection of able artwork that can be reproduced on shower curtains.

The Bathroom Marquee offers a advanced abstraction in shower curtains. Their Out-a-Sight shower curtain folds tidily into a box when it is not being used.

Shower curtains are available in a figure of styles to suit assorted professions and hobbies. For archetype, Bungalow Beach offers a curtain that is sure to appeal to surfers. The Longboards Shower Curtain costs $65 and features palm trees and surfboards. If you are looking for a altered allowance for a hunter or fisherman, accede the altered shower curtains from Fish and Gifts. Fish and Gifts offers a shower curtain that features antique fishing lures. Using the art of Jon Q. Wright, this curtain is fabricated in bold colors.

To add a touch of style or pizzazz to an otherwise merely functional room, accede a altered shower curtain. This will liven up your space and accomplish it much added personal.

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Originall posted August 31, 2012