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Adorableness Shop tells the adventure of Gina (Monarch Latifah) as she moves to Atlanta so her daughter can action to an exclusive air school. She finds a action as a stylist at a aerial borderline salon but after a confrontation with her boss leaves and opens her own adorableness shop.

Adorableness Shop doesn’t certainly rise to the age as it repackages and regurgitates characters, themes and plots that we accept seen before. It is one affair to acquaint a adventure that has previously been done yet bring something advanced to what may be an overdone but entertaining storyline and it is another to retell a adventure and not bring anything advanced to the table at all. Adorableness Shop falls into the second category and suffers abundantly for it.

The main botheration with Adorableness Shop is that it is Barber Shop with women. From the plot twists to the characters inside the shop, it is the exact selfsame movie as Barbershop except with Monarch Latifah at the helm instead of Freeze Cube. There is the a scream, familial and penny pinching boss, Gina (Monarch Latifah). There is the misguided, yet full of abeyant stylist in training, Darnelle (Keshia Horseman-Pulliman). There’s the aloof, apperceive it all stylist who is a affliction in everyone’s side, Chanel (Golden Brooks). There’s the novice stylist of a altered competition that can’t amuse any bag, Lynn (Alicia Silverstone) and finally there’s the adverse female stylist who is the alone one of his affectionate in the salon, James (Bryce Wilson). Add to that the almighty dollar problems, someone trying to booty over the bag and the possibility that the shop may accept to close for acceptable and you accept the selfsame movie, selfsame adventure without any added flare. You even accept the appearance that hawks their goods at the shop: in Barbershop it was a man selling bootleg CDs and DVDs and in Adorableness Shop it is a woman selling catfish and primate bread. The abstraction of being aboriginal must accept never crossed the writer’s minds.

And once again I add, can we dispense with the alert stylists. That is a stereotype that can action to the stereotype graveyard never to be seen or heard of again…ever. Kevin Bacon, an actor I adulation does an certainly abhorrent and I repeat abhorrent action playing Latifah’s alert and fascist boss. We can again dispense with “metrosexuals” the advanced overused and unfunny effeminate masculine stereotype that is going to arise in every movie where men are employed in what are typically considered to be women’s jobs. If so, I add please bar any more before you accomplish audiences suffer anymore then we already accept at this advanced, accidental cartoon. There was one of these characters in “Guess Who”, and one of Adorableness Shop’s abounding subplots is trying to figure out if the alone masculine stylist is alert, straight or a metrosexual which would be a cross between the two.

For positives, there were some laughs and the befalling to beam a shirtless Djimon Hounsou was almost worth my almighty dollar, but overall Adorableness Shop was unoriginal and a bore. After all the catechism is — accomplish you really appetite to spend your almighty dollar on something you’ve already seen before. For me the answer is child’s play: No, I don’t.

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Originall posted April 25, 2012