beauty today all smoke and mirrors

Did you ever apprehension that the bar is continually being raised on exactly what physical characteristics define adorableness? As I sit in front of the TV, I am bombarded by beauties with pouty lips, absolute bone structure, flawless skin, added “voluptuous” upper regions, size 2 waists, and hair that resembles spun silk. Booty these selfsame beauties and plop them back in age 20-30 age, when the advent of ad hoc cosmetic technology had not even begun to grasp its full abeyant. Accomplish you anticipate they would accept had those selfsame attributes you acquisition yourself longing for when faced with these images? My guess is probably not, or at least not to the selfsame extent.

Accurate, genetics play a role in physical adorableness, but with the likes of total “acute” makeover absoluteness TV (The Swan, Acute Makeover, Dr. Beverly Hills) and abundant publicity, we beam that adorableness and cosmetic improvement can any more be achieved by a few thousand dollars and a acceptable plastic surgeon. Not alone that, but cosmetics in general are any more so technologically advanced, you can advance your looks by personal makeup application and at ease treatments.

There are any more accomplish-it-yourself cosmetic treatments such as at ease microdermabrasion kits, chemical peels, “botox” creams and gels, teeth whiteners, hair removal treatments, cellulite treatments, able hair straighteners and colors, self tanners, lip enlargers, acne treatments, and the list goes on and on ( ). Cosmetics marketers and science accept joined forces to accord women everything they ever wanted to be their most admirable, and air bigger about themselves. Women are benefitting by so abounding companies competing for a piece of these fairly advanced markets by lower, added competitive prices.

Not alone are there advanced breakthroughs in the apple of cosmetic science, but there are constantly advanced studies and discoveries in the field of nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Combine this with the advanced wave of technologically advanced cosmetics, supplements, and treatments, and you’ve got a directions for a healthier, longer, added satisfying action for those of us who decide to booty advantage of the advanced adeptness of our age.

So, does your admiration to be your ace and most admirable self accomplish you shallow, less credible, or somehow jeopardize your feminist agendas? Unless you’ve somehow compromised your candor, morals, or core beliefs along the road, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! As continued as you are not putting yourself at aerial risk for physical harm, obsessing endlessly, or spending your action chief, investing age and almighty dollar into your adorableness after all is an investment in your able-bodied being, self esteem, and abounding times, mental and physical health. Action admirable is allotment of what makes us women. Come on, it’s aloof plain FUN to experiment with altered looks and altered products! It feels acceptable to be noticed, and when you air admirable, you tend to forth confidence and adeptness. It is inherent in our attributes to appetite to air feminine and attending and air our ace, and there is annihilation amiss with it, as continued as it is not all-consuming.

As a self-proclaimed “product junkie”, I can attest that abounding of these newly engineered products really accomplish assignment, as I accept tried nearly all of them in the adventure to attending and air my ace. I can’t wait to beam what they’ll come out with abutting, as every advanced product seems to top the last. Hey, women accept come a continued road, and we deserve to air adult and confident – beyond smoke and mirrors!

Danna Schneider is the webmaster of the adorableness analysis and advice website ( ). She is a cosmetics and adorableness product researcher and enthusiast.

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Originall posted November 22, 2012