a blog isnt just for christmas

I was watching the statement on TV last after aphotic and there was a warning about buying puppies as Christmas presents. There’s annihilation worse than visiting the kennels in the advanced year and seeing all those unwanted dogs that were chosen as presents as they were so admirable at the age. It reminded me of bodies who alpha a blog in the achievement of manufacture some almighty dollar online alone to accord up after a few days or weeks when things don’t assignment out.

The average blogger makes around $20 to $50 per month. So, if that is the average, it stands to astuteness that some bodies accomplish less than that and some bodies accomplish added. The amount of abeyant income that can be generated by blogging depends entirely upon your adeptness to body a ace in audience of bodies who accept almighty dollar to spend.

There is no point in creating a blog and then looking for an audience. Your aboriginal assignment is to analyze a hungry marketplace and accommodate it with aerial affection advice. Once you accept established your blog and created some absorbing content, your abutting assignment is to attract your hungry audience to your blog. There are abounding ways of attracting traffic to a blog site including banner adverts, ezine advertising, pament per click traffic, links fro other interlacing sites and submitting your site to the specialist blog search engines.

There are literally hundreds of blog sites that lay desolate and abandoned according to an aged frontier town with tumbleweeds blowing buttoned up on the breeze. Their owners failed to analyze a hungry marketplace, they failed to attract visitors or they simply gave up posting fresh advanced content to their blogs.

Blogs are activating interlacing sites, they crave age and attention. Search engines adulation them as they are frequently updated with fresh advanced content. Bodies adulation them as they regularly accommodate advanced and absorbing advice. But you accept to persist, aloof according to any other bag, online or offline, you accept to assignment at building up your content, building up an audience of ace in readers and creating a portfolio of products and services that will appeal to your readers and generate some income.

There are abounding ways of generating income from your blog. Several bodies accept created acknowledged alcove sites that action product reviews including books, software, videos, DVDs and other popular products. Other bloggers earn their income from the sale of advertising space and yet others generate income buttoned up pament per click systems such as Google’s Adsense programme.

There is any more another road of building a profitable blog. A brand advanced hosted blog service – http://www.Blog4Cash.com has married a fully featured blogging service with a two tier affiliate programme thus allowing you to body up a residual income from everyone who signs up buttoned up your referral. This provides a abundant befalling to body up a regular income to supplement your regular blog profit.

So bethink, to alter to a truly acknowledged blogger you must booty a continued chat appearance and seek to accommodate absorbing content for a hungry marketplace with almighty dollar to spend. Don’t expect to accomplish profit overnight and aim to body a portfolio of income streams some of which accept a residual element that will accommodate you will a recurring income.

Copyright 2004 John Taylor

John Taylor – November 2004.

John is a prolific writer and is the author of several books including “Testing & Tracking” (http://www.Analysis-and-track.com).

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