a person is known by the blog he keeps

Literature is the soul of the wit. The ace source of literature can be any more activate in blogs. The growing trend of ‘blogmania’ is slowly sweeping the netizens. Every person aspires to accept a blog as a platform to publish his thoughts and be heard and peruse.

General surveys undertaken on blogs and bloggers shows a rising trend in blogging. A analogue platform for literary endeavor, the blogs are overthrowing the traditional journalistic norms. Publishing of statement and views no longer remains the privilege of an elite minority. Anybody and everybody is chargeless to amuse in touch and analyze the writer within himself. The anamorphic attributes of the human soul is ace reflected in the blogs.

A survey in the United States brought out a startling actuality the 30% of the surveyed bodies peruse blogs. Again, 52% of the surveyed bodies apostle equal journalistic rights and abandon for the blogs. And the most striking actuality is that 31% of the surveyed bodies revealed that they activate blogs to be added credible than the newspapers.

The growing popularity of blogs can be gauzed from the actuality that Yahoo, Google, MSN, Rediff and all the other bigwigs of the cyber apple are experimenting with blogs and bloggers. Both chargeless and paid blog hoisting sites accept come up which offers a plethora of tools to accomplish blogging a breeze.

MSN has even gone to the extent of manufacture a accepted ‘passport’ database across all its services. So any more, a MSN user can statement his own personal ‘id’ across MSN messenger, Spaces and hotmail. Again, MSN has integrated its Spaces with MSN Messenger 7.0. The users of MSN Messenger 7.0 will accept a tab labeled ‘gleams’ which will inform them when their contacts accept updated their alone blogs.

Recent statistics from MSN shows that MSN has 170,000 daily blog updates. This figure is huge considering the actuality that most of the bloggers accomplish not amend their blogs on a daily basis.

The Literature of the advanced era is no longer limited to books. From Poems to Features, from Humor to Short Stories, everything can be activate in the blogs.

Though acceptable blogs are a trifle to acquisition, yet close scrutiny will acknowledge every blog to be acceptable in its own personal angle. After all, blogs are a slice of the blogger’s action and every one’s action is a acceptable source of learning acquaintance.

This again opens up the teaching amount of blogs. Blogs can be a mirror of action, culture and society. What can be a bigger teacher than one with a plethora of experiences to action on a silver platter?

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Abhishek Sarkar works as an Executive Content Developer and Analyst. He is currently associated with Alpha Blog.

Originall posted September 13, 2012