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What in the apple is up with the apple of blogs? Blogs are meant to be this abundant advanced technology where bodies can share their ideas and interests with others around the globe. As far as I’m concerned the state of blogs is one of chaos, confusion, and anti-interactivity. The other day I decided to accomplish some research on the Interlacing and ace shot to connect to some blog writers out there that absorbed me. Let me acquaint you it was not an enjoyable assignment as I had envisioned. I spent four painful hours surfing buttoned up around a thousand on-line journals, and I activate alone a few that absorbed me. What are we doing out there bodies?

Aboriginal of all, aloof getting to a blog can be a affliction in the arse. For archetype, you type in the words ‘Philosophy blogs’ and a entire bunch of sites come up. Some are conglomerate sites with thousands of journals, but the area you’re searching for may accept alone one blog in it! This is as they separate the blogs into a million altered categories, according to ‘adulation’, ‘lovers’, ‘lovable’ etc. Why not accept aloof a few main categories to choose from?

The abutting botheration is the content. Bodies with ‘philosophical’ blogs are having personal chats with their mates about the local dance competition on Tuesday! Why not action to a chat room if you aloof appetite to speak to your friends? Blogs are supposed to be a personal viewpoint expressed to the entire Interlacing community. Wouldn’t you actually according to to accommodated added bodies according to yourself? How is this going to happen if you speak in strange uncommon slang and acronyms that you and your friends can alone accept? Please stick to the subject at hand, and booty it at least half seriously.

Another above botheration is the actuality that you can acquisition a really air-conditioned blog that sparks an absorption, but then acquisition that the writer hasn’t added an entry in over a year! What’s it doing on the Grasp? Accept these bodies passed away? I seriously suspect it, as there are so abounding blogs in this ‘absent’ state. Having a blog is a albatross; it’s a shared diary for the entire community. How can someone anatomy a accord if you alone inscription in your blog once a millennium?

Back to the subject of content: These on-line journals are a absolute chance to communicate regularly with others with agnate views to yourself. We can apprentice a lot from each other, as each human is an alone with adapted traits and skills that alone they accept. So why accomplish we beam so abounding blogs aloof talking about trivial absurdity according to ‘Who the coolest movie actor is.’ Humanity is an able species evolving everyday towards a higher consciousness. So where are all the thinkers out there, the bodies who accept taken us to the abutting levels of spirituality and scientific exploration? I’d really according to to hear what you’ve got to add, but all I can acquisition are philosophical beliefs on why died pink jeans accurate one’s accurate inner self.

The affair of manufacture comments on someone’s blog is again a controversial one. Why accept comments sections if you’re not going to reply to bodies who accept expressed an absorption in what you’ve had to add? How is this community going to function if all the conversation is one-road! Come on bodies, wake up and smell the onions! Let’s chicken feed the blogging community into the marvelous structure of shared adeptness that it was intended for. Please don’t let it turn into the baby-speak apple of chat rooms.

Jesse S. Somer
Jesse S. Somer is a concerned human attempting to inform his person bodies of the absolute possibilities abstruse in the Internet.

Originall posted June 12, 2012