blogging communities turn faceless strangers into close frie

I’ve been searching the Internet for blogging sites for a unbiased while any more and recently I came across a entire blogging community, which has grabbed my absorption abundantly. It’s called Joe User and it’s a site that abounding bloggers all around the globe are partaking in. It is actual able-bodied organized into categories such as Ace Articles, Newest blog entries, Top blogging sites, Advanced sites and Most hit-on bloggers. The blogs scope from actual personal action introspection to austere analysis of current affairs in the media.

The angle that has appealed to me the most is the actual personal type of blogging community. Abounding bodies are talking about their feelings and issues about action with bodies that technically they accept never met face to face. However, the type of camaraderie I’ve ‘witnessed’ as a bystander has truly amazed me. These bodies speak to each other as though they are decidedly close friends, and the strange affair is I anticipate this is the absoluteness.

When one person has something big happen to them in their action, up to 100 or added comments will arrive under their blog entry with advice and advice as able-bodied as emotional abutment from their blogging friends. Of course there are some differences in assessment, but the general perspective seems to be one of a absolute access to humanity. Bodies are really spilling out their souls to each other, and then accepting criticism as able-bodied as discussing possible solutions to problems. I aloof acquisition this to be truly inspirational, a human community or ‘tribe’ that has formed simply as of the Internet’s existence.

These bodies must spend a lot of age communicating with each other. Some are writing advanced entries everyday, as able-bodied as articles and conversations. The conversations usually happen in the ‘comments’ section where one can beam that these bodies generally stay up into the unpunctual hours of the morning, blogging to each other back and forth. The amount of adulation shared by these arbitrary acquaintances is astounding. One could perceive the entire acquaintance as a anatomy of therapy but I anticipate it is much added than that. I accept this is a sign of a revolution. The coming of the Advanced Human Tribe has begun.

If unintentional bloggers can evolve into a community of bodies who assurance, statement, and are intimate and united with each other this says a lot for the human condition. Bodies are annoyed of the segregated, separatist absoluteness of countries, cultures, races and religions. These accumulation blogging sites, or collective on-line journals as I any more according to to anticipate of them, are symbolic of the approaching connectedness of all of humanity. It may booty a hundred age, or a thousand, or maybe alone fifty, but it definitely looks according to there’s achievement yet for the warring, greedy humans. One day we all may be ‘one’ again in our minds as able-bodied as our physical forms.

Jesse S. Somer



Jesse S. Somer is a human who is working to advice the Advanced Human Tribe come at buttoned up by means of the Internet communicative action.

Originall posted October 23, 2012