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“How are you going to profit from your blog?” asked my cousin. I could acquaint him almost 33 altered ways! “Accomplish you blog?”

It was my cousin asking this catechism. Of course I did. My weblogging started in November 2001.

But I was an ‘off-and-on’ blogger. To me, a blog was according to a bad tooth. Y’apperceive, you can’t advice seeking it out with your tongue. But when you acquisition it, “Ouch!”

My blog was according to that. Each age I set out to accomplish a accomplishment of it. And after a week or two, backed down, beaten.

Until I discovered the secret that helped me crack the code! Any more I adore blogging – as I apperceive how to accomplish it adapted.

“What’s your bag model?” I asked my cousin.

He stared at me blankly. I tried again.

“How are you going to profit from your blog?”

He looked at me as if I was aberrant.

“What accomplish you beggarly ‘profit’? Blogs aren’t profitable!” he exclaimed.

I smiled quietly. Of course, that’s what everyone says – including the ‘gurus’ of online marketing.

But I knew bigger.

“Yesterday, my blogging earned me $170″ I said.

His attending said it all. “Liar”

“I’m not kidding” I continued. “I can appearance you THIRTY ways to profit from blogs.”

“Agname three” he countered.

“Able-bodied, you could buzz your blog community to accomplish a donation every any more and then.”

“Hmm… that’s a anticipation. But why will they accord me almighty dollar?”

I explained how he could accomplish his blog admired to visitors, involve them in his agenda, so that they’ll be blessed to participate in his ventures and abutment them.

“You could statement a direct selling model to earn almighty dollar. By including a able sales letter for your product or service, specifically focused on the benefits a buyer will amuse from it. Add a road to adjustment – and hey, presto. You’re set to accomplish a tidy profit from your blog.”

He was any more listening carefully, nodding his head in agreement.

“Or you could amuse paid for displaying ads targeted to your visitor’s interests.”

I was on blaze any more. Explaining the steps he needed to booty to actualize amount on his blog. Telling him how to accomplish it arise admired to users. Showing him exactly how to leverage his acquaintance at blogging into almighty dollar in the bank.

When we finally finished a couple of hours subsequent, we fabricated a list. I had suggested exactly THIRTY THREE ways to profit from a blog. My cousin was ecstatic.

“You simply MUST acquaint others about this.”

A book about profiting from blogs – any more that was a *air-conditioned* abstraction.

I spent some age looking for other books or resources teaching profitable blogging. Zilch. No one else was telling bodies about these able secrets!

That’s when I peruse blog expert, David Winer’s post:

“Another botheration with books about blogs (blooks?) is that as I peruse them I appetite to comment, added than any other affectionate of book. Able-bodied, how accomplish you accomplish that? Will these books be on the Interlacing? Will they accept paragraph-akin permalinks?”

Flashbulbs exploded in my apperception.

Why not a book on blogs that’s *ITSELF* a…


The aftereffect is my blogBook, “Blog Profit Ideas Exposed – 33 Abrupt Tips Blog Publishers Can Profit From”

It’s the aboriginal of its affectionate, and presents the content of a ‘book’ in the anatomy of a ‘blog’.

Any more YOU can annotate or remark on any of these ideas or tips. Share YOUR experiences or reservations about them. Post any modifications or tweaks YOU air will accomplish them added able.

blogBooks accomplish books uniquely reader-affable in a actual personal road. What will emerge? The resulting ‘composite’ blogBook, annotated with reader comments, will be far added enriching and admired than my own writing.

PLUS – I can accumulate adding to the blogBook as and when I acquisition, hear about or statement a advanced Blog Profit Abstraction! This blogBook will be a living affair that grows and morphs over age…

A personal publishing anatomy of online journalism, the ‘blog’ has alter to a medium to share anything you may affliction to. Today it has again alter to a publishing format for electronic books. Alone age will acquaint if it’s here to stay. Until then, accumulate blogging – profitably!

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Originall posted April 5, 2012