blogging the best introduction to internet publishing

It’s a accepted condition – you’ve got an appetite to publish on the interlacing but accept no abstraction where to alpha and don’t appetite to commit to a full-fledged website…aloof yet.

Thankfully, there’s an accessible solution.

Though some websites such as Geocities or Freewebs action chargeless website services, if you are certainly abashed by the internet and balk at the angle of having to apprentice HTML all at once, there’s a really accessible solution that aloof about anyone can accomplish: blogging.

What’s blogging you buzz? A blog is a interlacing log, or a abode to publish content and images in the spirit of a statement or an online report. Abounding statement it for aloof that aim, but a blog can be aloof about anything you appetite it to be, and for all practical purposes, it is a interlacing page…and you can blog certainly chargeless.

The ace road to action is blogger, where you can set up a chargeless blog and choose from a figure of actual stylish templates.

Not alone are you any more publishing for absolute, you can accomplish it actual intuitively, using blogger’s built-in controls. But the adorableness of blogging is that Blogger supports uncooked html coding and allows you to modify the blogger template at will. You can experiment with HTML tags and apprentice how to code HTML links, HTML images, and even HTML tables, and blogger will even arrange to accomplish sure that your HTML tags check out as you experiment with them.

Blogging is a abundant road to amuse accepted with internet publishing, and without even trying, you’ll apprentice admired HTML codes that you can put to statement once you finally decide to set up a website.

AND, not alone are blogs chargeless, but you can even earn almighty dollar from them buttoned up the Google Adsense Program. There’s annihilation to lose, and you might borderline up learning enough about HTML to set up your own website, and finally accept things your own road.

No matter which road you attending at it, setting up a blog is one of the ace ways to enter the apple of internet publishing. Amuse started today!

About the Author

David Saharkhiz is a computer science above and State Merit Semifinalist at America’s Clemson University. He provides comprehensive interlacing-advice and HTML coding tutorials, codes chargeless HTML scripts, and works to advice novice webmasters apprentice how to actualize a website.

Originall posted December 8, 2012