bloggings future up up and away

Beyond a suspect, blogging has a ablaze approaching. It’s alluring to amuse carried away by all the exuberance being generated.

Bill Gates says blogging “will fundamentally chicken feed how we document our lives”. Technorati’s CEO David Sifry says that there are 11 blog posts being fabricated every second!

While this may able-bodied be accurate, we must resist the temptation to amuse carried away. Let’s analyze blogging’s prospects as a ‘personal technology’, or a technology that individuals statement to advance their effectiveness or productivity, or simply to accept amusing.

All acknowledged personal technologies that accretion universal statement (be it the apprehensive pen, the telephone or the iPod), bear certain hallmarks: they are accessible to statement, fulfil a basic charge, and accommodate a advanced road to accurate an existing behavior or habit. Technologies that accomplish the cut on these three respects tend to ‘booty-off’, with their statement surging steeply*.

Blogging certainly fulfils a basic charge, the charge for self-expression and social interaction. It is again added able in abounding respects than other technologies that accommodated agnate needs – the telephone, email or online chatting – in that it is added ‘permanent’, and allows visibility to anyone who can access the Interlacing. It again provides a advanced road to exercise our accustomed propensity to anatomy groups with according to-minded folks, by allowing us to anatomy ‘virtual communities’ on the Interlacing. It again allows bodies to ‘ascertain’ others with agnate tastes, wherever they may be in the apple.

Able-bodied, that leaves ease of statement. I am afraid blogging is somewhat less stellar in this statement – while it is simpler than creating personal Interlacing pages, it still lags far behind the telephone and email in ease of statement. So, ease of statement is the aboriginal affair that needs to advance about blogs (I achievement the blog tool-makers are listening).

If one is tempted to argue that blogging is already actual acknowledged, one alone needs to bar to accede the numbers: by most estimates there are around 80 million blogs in the apple as of today, while the figure of telephones apple-wide (fixed-line and moving) is around 2 billion. This is not to booty anything away from the accomplishment of blogging, but alone to authorize (an admittedly somewhat crude) benchmark!

However, we’ve looked at alone half the picture so far – becoming acknowledged. Accomplishment brings its own problems, and sure enough, blogging too will charge to affected a couple of challenges that accomplishment brings with it:

Bigger ways to administer ‘blog clutter’.

Even with the current figure of blogs out there, it is becoming ambitious for bodies to navigate the blogosphere. Telephones or email don’t charge to solve this botheration as they are ‘push’ technologies, which means that you *appetite* to restrict who can contact you using these technologies. However, if blogs are to truly alive up to their promise of allowing the ‘discovery’ of according to-minded folks, then blog search engines should (and will) amuse smarter.

Search is of course not the alone road to administer clutter – for archetype, Bag Week’s Heather Blooming talks about creating ‘influential blogger’ lists.

Blogging needs to acquisition ways to enable assorted communication needs

Blogging tools already accomplish a half-decent action of allowing the sharing of digital content. However, as camera phones proliferate, sharing pictures and movies will increasingly alter to mainstream. Again blogging from heterogenous devices (phones and at ease appliances come to apperception) is likely to charge abutment.

Of course, this piece alone addresses blogging as a ‘personal technology’. Analysis of its prospects in bag – which are fledgling at the moment – is the subject of a altered discussion altogether!


*This is driven by Metcalfe’s Constitution, which holds that the usefulness of something increases exponentially as the figure of users goes up.

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Originall posted June 17, 2012