blogs are about getting to know yourself better

I still accede myself to be a blog writing novice but as I’ve got a few entries under my girdle I can acquaint you about an unexpected bonus of this journaling action. A lot of bodies anticipate that blog writers are aloof bodies who are tooting their own horns blabbering on self-righteously about what they accept to be accurate in action. On the contrary, for me writing a blog has helped me to be resonant on my experiences that I may accept otherwise accept forgotten if I hadn’t written them down. It has alter to a action of self-actualization, whether others accept peruse my thoughts has alter to less of a priority for me.

When I peruse over my former entries I am surprised to hear about thoughts, ideas, and sageness that is certainly relevant to my ad hoc experiences. It’s according to I already knew some of the solutions to my problems in the ad hoc, but I still had to action buttoned up the experiences to actually accept this adeptness alter to truly learnt. I again acquisition it rewarding in both the respects that I amuse to ‘relive’ certain moments in my action, and I amuse to analyze my previous thoughts. This analysis generally leads me to advanced ideas that I couldn’t beam clearly when I was in the aboriginal moment.

‘Reliving’ former experiences by reading aged statement entries can be a able acquaintance indeed. You can be transported to the moment in age you were writing about, as able-bodied as the moment and feelings you had when writing the blog entry. Experiencing these events and feelings again can be a really enlightening action, especially if the emotions you had were able ones.

An archetype of this from my blog is a recent upheaval of emotions I wrote about when a adolescent female I’d been dating and really started to according to a lot told me she didn’t appetite to buss me anymore. Any more when I peruse this entry I can air those selfsame painful feelings, but in a advanced ablaze as the age has passed and I’ve moved on. It gives me achievement in compassionate that all feelings pass, and again in the adeptness that all things happen for a astuteness. This adeptness I couldn’t beam at the age as I was totally enveloped by my agony.

These insights into former feelings and thoughts accept been an eye opener for my self-introspection action. I anticipate the blog can accord you the chance to amuse to apperceive yourself bigger, something all humans could acquisition affectionate. All of us are on quests to acquisition out who we are and why we are here on Earth. The blogging action might aloof be another avenue for bodies to acquisition out who they truly are. Accumulate on writing my friends!

Jesse S. Somer



Jesse S. Somer, a novice blogger learning about the secrets of this advanced and popular medium of communication can be activate at

Originall posted January 31, 2012