blood test for your blog

Are you contributing to one of the estimated 36.1 million (and growing) blogs online? Or are you thinking of entering the fray and starting to publish a blog for your baby or at ease bag? Accomplish sure you are publishing the adapted type of blog for your affectionate of bag, or all that writing age will accept been for annihilation.

The Blog Blood Analysis

Aloof as there are altered types of blood, there are abounding altered types of blogs, and each serves its own aim. Giving your blog a blood analysis will advice you actuate which type of blog is ace for your bag and what may be amiss with the one you’ve got any more.

Blog Blood Type 1: Customer Relations – Blogging is one of the ace ways to put a face and personality on your bag, especially if you operate entirely in cyberspace. Those that ace hire their blog in strengthening relationships with their customers spend a lot of age interacting with customers, answering questions, providing advantageous tips, and keeping them informed of bag happenings. These blogs bull's eye less on the company’s products and added on the company’s culture and outlook. The ambition of this type of blog is to engender customer loyalty and authorize a consistent flow of absorbed website visitors.

Blog Blood Type 2: Sales – As you can visualize, most businesses that blog accomplish so as of the perceived statement to their bottom line. While actual babyish quantitative research has been done with regards to the actual almighty dollar appulse of blogging on overall sales, the ubiquity of sales-oriented blogs indicates some affectionate of return-on-investment. Sales blogs bull's eye on product developments and benefits to the customer. There is less online interaction with customers via the blog as the ambition is to act readers off of the blog and onto the product pages. The ambition of a sales blog is to animate visitors to purchase a product, service, or advice that the company is offering.

Blog Blood Type 3: Personal Interlacing Journals – These blogs accomplish up the bulk of the 36.1 million interlacing logs online. The majority are personal accounts written without regard to size of readership or almighty dollar amount. Abounding accept heralded chargeless blogs as the Internet’s greatest achievement, allowing virtually anyone with an internet connection to publish literally whatever they appetite, and all in a matter of a few minutes. There are as abounding purposes for personal blogs as there are bloggers. Maybe the most accepted topic is the chance to be heard.

I’ve Taken the Blog Blood Analysis…Any more What?

Which category did your blog ace fit in? Did you acquisition that you’re writing one type of blog but desiring the benefits of another? If you haven’t already started your blog, which type accomplish you accept would ace match your writing abilities and desired outcome? Simply put, if you’re not writing the ace type of blog for the benefits you appetite, you’ll never amuse them – and you’ll squander a lot of age in the action.

If your current blog is doing exactly what you appetite it to, allowance it alone. If you acquisition that some changes are all-big, accede the following questions:

  • Accomplish I anticipate I can drive actual sales from the blog?
  • Would I rather spend my writing age interacting with customers (both absolute and abrogating) or writing about my product? (Bethink the blood analysis)
  • Am I the ace person to author my blog, or is there someone else who could accomplish a bigger action?
  • Accomplish I appetite to stage the blog as a company-sponsored communication tool or would I rather it arise as a affectionate of third-affair, algid analysis?
  • How much age am I ready to spend writing?
  • How chargeless accomplish I appetite to be with regards to frequency of posting and responding to customer comments?

Millions of others are already blogging, but don’t let that bar you from starting. Accord your bag the blog blood analysis and beam which type works ace for you.

About the author:
Nick Smith is an internet marketer with an internet positioning strategy. For advice about a DNA blood analysis and other DNA products, appointment

Originall posted July 7, 2012