do you need help adding rss feeds to your blogger

It’s really accessible and here is how you can accomplish it:

Log into your blogger statement

Action to “settings”

Action to “site feed”

Copy the “site feed url”

Then action to

Scroll down to “ace shot feedburner today” and adhesive your “site feed url” and then click abutting. You’ll be at “select services” There are lots of options on that page and you can attending buttoned up them all, but to amuse to the feeds you charge to action to the bottom of that page and click on “abutting”.

Then you can log in or sign up. It’s chargeless to sign up. After you fill in your info then click and that page will acquiesce you to “activate your feed”. Click on that and then click on “launch your publicity tools” and then click on “chicklet chooser”. Then you accept abounding options. I personally always choose the “my yahoo”, “my msn”, “newsgator” and “xml”. Click on each one and you’ll beam the code you charge to grab. You accept to accomplish it for each one.

Then aloof action back to your template and put it in. You’re set. As you can beam there are other altered things you can accomplish too. So attending around in there and check them all out.

But that is aloof the actual basics of getting a feed up. Any more, when you amuse that feed added let me apperceive so I can add you to my personal “my yahoo” page!

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Originall posted April 29, 2012