getting a blog on the internet

The fearful, apprenticed guy has got a blog on the Internet. It must be accessible!

Of all bodies in the apple I was easily one of the most pessimistic about computers, the Internet and any more that I even apperceive they exist-blogs. I anticipate blogs are appealing air-conditioned but I never anticipation I could accept one. I anticipation the processes of getting a site; realm agname and the actual building of the blog would aloof be out of my confederation. I’m a all novice when it comes to technology, but I accomplish according to writing a statement, and I anticipation having a statement on-line would be both amusing and accomplish action simpler for me. No added writing with pens, other bodies can peruse my stuff and comment on it, and I could add pictures to decorate my points and accomplish things attending added absorbing.

Able-bodied, any more I’ve got one! It’s marvelous. I won’t aspersion and add it was accessible, but I anticipate if you hook up with a acceptable interlacing hosting company it’s not such a daunting acquaintance as you might expect. I got a few assignment mates to advice me. I went buttoned up a couple administrative hitches when filling in my personal advice forms for the registration-aloof as I’m a bit silly in the head. We had a babyish agitation with the blog program we used, but these challenges were eventually affected. My boss says he’s going to accomplish a child’s play program that bodies can hook up easily.

I chose my realm agname: It’s my own agname-no one else on Earth can accept it. I own it. I picked a ok picture out for the background-it looks really candied, much bigger than a blank sheet in a diary. I got it from a site that gives photos out without charging a royalty (the aboriginal few):

I aloof appetite you to apperceive the abundant action I got when I aboriginal typed in my realm agname and my site came up! It was the equivalent to a person who’s afraid of heights being accepted into an astronaut’s assignment into outer space. Or maybe it was according to a turtle driving a Ferrari 300km per hour. Possibly it was according to all the ants in the apple getting at buttoned up for buttoned up talks.

It’s a absolute blast having this blog. I can inscription on it any age, anywhere, from my laptop, at an Internet café etc. I can inscription as much as I appetite, and I’m hoping one day my writing may inspire others to communicate with me about the subjects that I’m absorbed in.

Attending, if you according to writing about anything, and appetite to accept your thoughts and opinions on the Internet, maybe affair others agnate to yourself in the progress; you accept to amuse a blog and amuse it any more. Don’t be afraid any longer, the apple is in the palm of your hands; it’s age to amuse on!

Jesse S. Somer, M6.Grasp
Jesse S. Somer is a human hoping to inform other novices according to him about the sorcery opportunities awaiting us all in the apple of the Internet.

Originall posted March 12, 2012