how to build a niche site with a blog

Building alcove sites is all the rage these days.

The basic strategy is actual child’s play. Acquisition a alcove marketplace that isn’t oversaturated. Advance a list of related keywords bodies are searching on. Then inscription an article optimized for each one of your keywords. Once you accept your articles, upload them to your site. Monitize your site with affiliate links and Adsense.

For this affectionate of alcove site to be able and accomplish almighty dollar, it is imperative that you amuse chargeless traffic, and a lot of it. And that’s exactly where a blog can be your ace acquaintance.

At its actual simplest, a blog is aloof a structure. It’s the bones of a interlacing site. A blog is a child’s play road to publish and affectation your content online. Most of us anticipate of blogs as a chronicle of statement events, or commentary on statement and items of absorption. Or personal diaries.

Few bodies bar to anticipate that you can body any affectionate of website with a blog. In absoluteness, a blog can be used actual effectively to body a alcove site. The actuality of the matter is, a blog is the easiest road to publish your alcove site content. But the biggest astuteness to statement a blog is that it can drive traffic to your site a lot faster than a statically-built site. A alcove site built with a blog is a actual able strategy.

Aboriginal, choose your alcove and research your keywords. Inscription your aboriginal article based on one of those keywords, aloof as you would when building a regular site. Then set up your blog and publish that article. Your alcove site is any more alive.

To accomplish your site structure the most able, be sure to choose a blog that allows the statement of Categories, such as Chat Press or Moveable Type. Statement your 10 most big keywords as the agname of your Categories. Then file all your secondary keyword articles under those Categories.

Why is this so big? If you accumulate building your site with keyword-affluent articles, eventually you could accept hundreds of pages. Each of those pages will accept a link to your 10 Categories. And each of those links will statement the anchor content of your most big keywords. As a aftereffect of all those internal keyword-affluent links, your site will borderline up ranking actual able-bodied in the search engines for your Category names.

Any more it’s age to set up your traffic strategy. This is where a blog can really shine. There are abounding adapted RSS/blog directories that are hungry for feeds. By submitting your advanced blog to these directories, you can alpha getting traffic almost immediately. Certainly generally these feeds will aftereffect in a lot added traffic than all the above search engines combined. This is why it makes so much sense to body your alcove site as a blog. You can accept twice the traffic, and amuse it much faster than with a static site.

Here is a list of some of the top RSS/blog directories you should submit your site to:

Once you’ve submitted your site to the directories, you can amuse it indexed by Yahoo almost immediately by adding your RSS feed to your MyYahoo page. If you don’t accept a MyYahoo page, aloof action to Any more click on the MyYahoo link at the top and set up your chargeless statement. Once you accept your statement set up, click on Add Content, then add the URL of your blog RSS feed into the Acquisition Content box.

When you action back to your MyYahoo page, your blog plus your aboriginal post should be shown. If you action attending at your interlacing stats for your site, you’ll acquisition that the Yahoo spider has already fabricated a appointment! Your advanced site should be indexed in Yahoo in aloof a couple of days. This is a strategy that some marketers were selling for $50 aloof a few months ago. And it works according to a charm.

Every age you add a post, you can alert the RSS/blog directories by “pinging” them. There is a admirable site at that makes this actual accessible. You aloof accept to type in your blog URL and Pingomatic will send your ping to Yahoo and about 15 other ample directories. That will bring the spiders back to your site almost immediately!

During the aboriginal month, I would suggest that you inscription and add a advanced article every day. Blogs that are frequently updated amuse the most traffic. And you’ll acquisition that the above search engines will spider your site every day. At the borderline of a month, you’ll accept a 30-article alcove site that is already getting a lot of traffic. If you’ve monetized your site with Adsense and related affiliate programs, you should again be manufacture almighty dollar already.

Once you’ve started building your alcove sites with a blog, you’ll never action back to doing it the aged road again!

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