how to cash in on blogs

Over the former year or so, added and added webmasters accept been creating their own blogs (interlacing-logs). If you don’t already apperceive, a blog is sort of an online diary which is updated at regular intervals by the author(s), and can be viewed by the public.

Blogs can accept a wide array of topics, including personal thoughts, statement, sports, politics, technology, or virtually anything else you can anticipate of. And according to any other website, a blog can be used to accomplish almighty dollar.

The most popular road accomplish almighty dollar with your blog is to put some sort of pament-per-click content ads on it. Some companies that will pament you for doing this are Google Adsense ( and BidClix ( Depending on the topic that you choose to inscription about, your ads might accomplish anywhere from $0.05 to $1.00 per click.

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Originall posted October 17, 2012