how to set up a blog

A blog is an online diary or as some bodies call them a weblog. They can be about any topic you would according to to comment on.

Setting up a blog can seem to be a actual ambitious assignment for the non techie type out there. They(the techie types) speak about MYSQL, PHP and you charge a reader to peruse a blog in. Then they add u gotta ping the blog.

Is that a advanced mixed drink or something ?

We speak to our children and they attending at us as if we come from another planet.

All I appetite to accomplish is blog.

My Dad being basically computer illiterate a short age ago. HMM I still anticipate he is but I wont add it to generally in this abode.

I wrote these instructions for him and he had had no above problems setting up a blog.

The easiest road to alpha a blog in my assessment and you may ambition to differ 😉 are detaled in the following steps:

You will charge a reader to peruse the blog you accomplish or someone elses that you subscribe to.

The 1st step is an accessible road to amuse a reader that allows rss feeds to be pulled to your My page.

1. Action to and actualize a my yahoo page. If you accept one already action to step 2.

2. Acquisition a chargeless blogging service. I reccomend They accept child’s play and accessible to chase instructions, even Dad could chase them ). Any more chase the instructions on the alpha page. Booty your age and accomplish sure you peruse the instructions. Accomplish Not speed peruse them according to Dad usually will accomplish .

WOW Abundant action!!! Pat your self on the back.

Congratulations you accept any more created a blog.

3. Any more accessible up the actualize advanced post in your advanced blog and inscription advanced post. Any more publish it.

Any more your a blogger

4. Any more action back to and sign in to your “MY” statement.

5. Any more action to add content to your front page, upper left corner of your alpha page.Any more click on RSS Headlines.
Any more copy this and adhesive this url in The Add Advanced Sources box on this page.


6. Any more check Sources to add. This will ad the feed to your MY page.

7. Any more repeat steps 4 and 5 with your blog URL.

Blessed Blogging

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Originall posted January 15, 2012