nobody reading your blog

So you got a your own weblog. Everything looks abundant, you accept ok arrangement, some ok pictures and last but not least accomplished articles.

You again amend your blog on a regular basis but nobody seems to peruse it ! You alpha to anticipate where did I action amiss. Able-bodied if your blog is really acceptable you aloof charge to be patient. Again accomplish sure you submit your blog to directories specialized in blogs and search engines.But even if you did all this you might amuse not the amount of readers you wished for.

Amuse unlimited readers for you blog !

Acute bodies started to apprehension blogs are actual popular so they came up with a abundant ideas. is such abundant abstraction. The abstraction is child’s play, if you peruse other blogs then other bodies peruse your blog. So the added blogs you peruse the added bodies will be reading yours. Sounds acceptable you might anticipate. Able-bodied it actually is a actual acceptable abstraction. Aloof register your blog for chargeless and login, then pick a category blogs you would according to to peruse and alpha reading. You must peruse each blog for at least half a minute, after that you can select another blog. For each blog you accept bittersweet you recieve a credit. This credit means one other member is going to peruse your blog. Again abundant abstraction. But there is a downside, aboriginal you accept to spend of lot of age reading blogs in adjustment to amuse other bodies to peruse yours. You can choose to peruse alone blogs in a specific category (of your absorption) but it is still really age consuming. Other bodies who are reading your blog might accomplish this as they alone appetite other bodies to peruse their blog. You can visualize these are not the most absorbed readers you ambition for. But again offers non members to search their directory for blogs. These visitors are potenial affection readers for your blog! Other downside is that you can not alone earn credits by reading other blogs, you can again buy them ! If everybody is going to accomplish this then this abstraction doesn’t accomplish so able-bodied anymore.

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Originall posted February 6, 2012